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Amal Murali

1696.24 (151st)
62,931 (1,411th)
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Title Δ
How do I write a regex that either substitutes OR just adds new sub... 0.00
Selecting every other line in VS Code with regex 0.00
How do you store non-serializable, process-specific objects between... +0.55
regex backtracking entire word -0.98
How do I use DOMDocument to retrieve the img path? 0.00
PHP Regex Strip Away All Emojis 0.00
Removing an unknown part of a string PHP 0.00
Perl regex to filter digits within the string +1.38
php replacement and interesction of 2 nested arrays +0.23
How to use include function with print or echo using php 0.00
PHP Return results based on two timestamps within 30mins 0.00
The type of the third parameter in preg_match_all() when no matches... +0.42
Regular Expression for second occurrence of numbers in brackets 0.00
PHP - alternatives to variable variables -2.87
Newest messages first (PHP) +0.25
Regex match lines that are not commented -1.86
preg_match only nummber, spaces and currency format allowed +0.95
Strip-tags vs htmlentities vs other. Which has the better security... 0.00
Append Textbox value to txt file 0.00
Dynamic capture group name in preg_match() -0.79
Repeat block of regex in regex +1.24
output value with the same pattern -1.06
Shorthand way to check for the next array item with string indexes +0.81
PHP preg_match - match a keyword that is completely on its own only? +1.43
Sort an array from high to low +0.82
To reverse a string in php +1.11
PHP ternary define? +0.25
Search for matching words without false positivis 0.00
Simple way to get only non-numeric keys from an array 0.00
How to extract all names from a block of text +0.57
PHP - how to use a 'break;' in a ternary operator 0.00
regular expression for match 1 alphabet, 1 digit and allow all spec... +0.77
Why is a comma captured in this group? 0.00
Check if string in string and extract it -0.45
How to search for a pattern using grep and exclude another pattern +0.70
Regular Expression for email to check repetitive characters +1.21
regex variable lookbehind to match if not precedded by +1.22
Regex - Echoing the first character of a string +0.89
php: getting my prepared statement result in an array +1.43
Regular expression for allowing specific URLs 0.00
Array of values from and array of arrays without loops +1.26
Regex Match to string for Screenconnect 0.00
Negative look ahead +0.89
Java Splitting Regex Issues inside quotations -0.26
preg_match_all for words in and outside of brackets -0.74
Lookahead regex pattern in javascript +0.48
Is it possible to combine Regex with several characters being repla... 0.00
regexpneed to find word with minus and others 0.00
replace a regex match group with a dictionary value in python -0.70
Regex matching digit or specified char +0.74