An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1497.12 (3,840,913th)
895 (167,885th)
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Title Δ
Why do I get such code like this +4.03
How are Functors useful? -4.20
scala pattern matching in trait 0.00
scala avoiding return while still shortcuting iteration -4.19
Scala function with a recursive function parameter 0.00
How to solve Invalid Date format error in scala? -0.01
How to reverse a list of lists? -1.94
unexpected behaviour of "grouped" in scala 0.00
Create sort of splitfunction haskell -0.97
I cannot execute my Haskell code 0.00
What is the meaning of parentheses in Haskell type signatures? +1.10
wrapping different datatype into a generic, in scala -4.35
scala sbt compilation horror due to slowness and various issues +3.78
Writing a recursive inRange function in haskell -3.65
scala worksheet weird function description 0.00
Recurrence relations in haskell 0.00
Haskell constructor ">>="meaning? -2.93
Patternmatching for empty List in Haskell +1.87
I am getting an unexpected result while I use matches function in S... 0.00
Reducing this Haskell function +4.09
How do I use a flatMap in Scala? -0.34
Grep pattern between quotes +4.84
Create Test Class in IntelliJ 0.00