An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1493.71 (4,320,020th)
1,361 (118,823rd)
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Title Δ
Append to last (or n-th) line of function (using awk/sed) -0.47
Is there a simple awk/sed way to print list in YAML file? -1.08
xmlstarlet select iteratively multiple occurences of same tag 0.00
extract xml nodes as table with xmlstarlet 0.00
sed: search and replace values at position for last line of file -0.13
String substitution in a for loop in GNU make +0.49
use sed to get a list of different paths up to a point +0.26
How to use XMLStarlet / Xpath to select text inside <div> but... +4.03
Bash: Find and replace lines in a file using the lines of another f... -1.87
Add text on certain lines of a file, with the added text depending... -2.70
Display the date modified of a file in another directory? 0.00
how to print awk output horizontal in linux -2.26
How to edit a JS file with a shell script 0.00
How to calculate current, previous and next year quarter in Shell S... -2.56
How create dynamic folder with input structure in shell script when... 0.00