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Stuart Marks

1655.90 (472nd)
90,203 (869th)
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Title Δ
Counting Inversions using TreeSet Java 0.00
Is there a way to tell if the runtime type was erased 0.00
Is the method "hasOnlyElementsOfType" deprecated in Asser... +1.33
Split a list up into 3 sub lists Java 8+ +1.29
Inconsistent exception details in parallel stream +0.94
Get class name in a static way in Java 8 -0.71
How to write java program to print only duplicate character in a st... +0.30
Why does List.of() in Java not return a typed immutable list? +1.10
How to validate dependencies' java version when compiling using... -1.58
What is a time complexity for sets and maps created with a factory... 0.00
How to compare two maps and retrieve key of the value that occurs i... 0.00
Comparing iterables for same content, but not regarding order +0.62
How to implement build specific annotation retention in Java +0.69
Why is the finalize() method deprecated in Java 9? +0.29
How I can remove protected void finalize() method from my code -0.21
How the Java HashMap internal data structure changes during rehashi... 0.00
Java variable type Collection for HashSet or other implementations? +1.62
Java - Will concurrent modification exception occur while using cla... -0.20
Get stream with empty check and feature to use orElse() and orElseT... +0.02
Merge n lists and sort data maintaining original order/constraint +1.54
Trying to pass a Comparator through the constructor of a HashSet -0.48
Do keys and values in an an unordered hash map line up when iterate... -0.12
Optional<T> for an input parameter of a method -1.97
using Optional and lambdas in Java +1.35
Add additional rules to the compare method of a Comparator -0.71
Create a multidimensional generic array of Optionals +0.03
How to sort integer array in ascending and descending order using l... +0.56
Java - How to get list of elements best on certain condition -0.05
How to simplify creation of null-safe Comparator on multiple fields? 0.00
Java: get+clear atomic for map -0.36
java streams: straightforward reduce -2.30
For loop instead while loop in Collections -1.95
Sorting ArrayList can fail when using list in comparator. Is this d... 0.00
Comparator suitable for TreeSet when there is no distinguishing field -0.71
Is using Optional.ofNullable as a replacement for the ternary opera... +0.85
HashMap rehash/resize capacity 0.00
Why don't I see all variables in debugger? -2.73
IntSummaryStatistics returns a result with a comma seperator while... 0.00
How do I provide a generator function to Collection.toArray() using... -2.34
Should Optional.ofNullable() be used for null check? +0.80
Collections emptyList/singleton/singletonList/List/Set toArray +1.53
Why is it better to return unmodifiableList from a method where lis... -1.17
Partial sort Collection with limit and custom Comparator +1.41
Logging the conditional outcome in java8 Predicate in a concise man... +0.27
Why does Collections#shuffle not use ThreadLocalRandom? 0.00
Reversing a List via ListIterator +0.89
java generics - "extends" keyword -> not supporting ad... +0.57
Can I use keySet to modify HashMap during iteration? -1.57
Generating a list of random Integers in Java (in a Scala-like fashi... +1.54
How to throw custom exception in Optional +0.80