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Guilherme Sehn

1580.05 (2,927th)
5,199 (31,751st)
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Title Δ
How to avoid repeating "document.getElementById" calls in... 0.00
Timezone information (zoneinfo) is out-of-date on Dokku. How to upd... 0.00
Is resolve, reject keyword in javascript? 0.00
Add up total player points based on player ID -1.23
Node js how to run axios.get every 2 seconds? +1.27
An expression in a function is not evaluating to true when it shoul... -0.61
Fat arrow function React Uncaught ReferenceError +1.21
Keep empty list in the same index, while flattening a list ot list... 0.00
Javascript alert() supersedes preceding code +0.39
Why does a semicolon seem to be necessary here? +1.59
How to 'return' out of a parent function from it's child? 0.00
TypeScript/JavaScript minification -1.20
Use JS to convert URL #fragment BEFORE it gets lost to 301 redirect? 0.00
How to close alert message div using javascript? +0.16
Object property ordering in javascript +0.39
Is this a bad use of eval() +0.39
Calling object as function +1.30
Why can I change value of a constant in javascript -0.70
How to handle a TR click without the first and last TD in jQuery? -0.37
n{X,Y} quantifier not working with braces in JavaScript +1.72
What is the most efficient way of handling global variables in PHP? +0.36
Running ajax request in javascript synchronously? +1.79
javascript closures local variables outlive scope? +2.13
Compare two arrays in javascript -0.35
Log error in php +0.64
Creating object with dynamic key +0.38
How to hide javascript variables to users? +1.16
What is the difference of JSON and YAML in Symfony? +0.39
PHP 5.4 How to bind $this to a closure that is passed as a method p... -0.28
Can I have objects inside an object in JavaScript? +1.69
using implode for stdClass Objects in php -0.29
jQuery .on event binding +0.39
Passing get parameters via getJSON when using jsonp callback -0.07
Stringifying a regular expression? +0.20
Adding value to top of the JSON +0.41
RegEx extract positinal values in simular character group -0.27
Javascript to run on form submit +0.97
Parse error in code syntax error, unexpected T_STRING 0.00
Javascript closures - lifetime of variables +2.67
Why pluck() and where() methods not working? 0.00
Sort array not working +1.45
PHP reset a while() loop +0.08
JavaScript: Push Array with multiple values on same index +3.39
Javascript .setTimeout() how to refer to a function +3.21
jquery dropdown modify selected text but display the original value... +3.42
Retrieving the boolean state of a checkbox in jQuery? +3.40
Algorithm for copying 2 dimensional array in javascript recursively 0.00
preg_replace: how to consider whole array of patterns before replac... +3.66
Use try/catch as if/else? -1.35
rand(000000, 999999) sometimes generate 4 digit numbers +1.06