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Vini App

1485.69 (4,465,583rd)
5,028 (33,013th)
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Title Δ
iOS-Charts : minOffset not working +0.52
How to move UIBarButton when auto layout applied to UIButton? -0.45
Grab specific value from middle of JSON String in Swift 4 +0.52
Could not cast value of type 'Swift._SwiftDeferredNSDictionary&... 0.00
How to index an int array via button? 0.00
Return to previous ViewController when using UITabBarController but... -0.49
TableView is not appending new data 0.00
SwiftyJSON print all values in an array of dictionaries +0.02
CameraRoll.saveToCameraRoll() is doing nothing (iOS) -0.49
How to identify the string and change it with default value 0.00
After project conversion to Swift 3: "Type [Any] has no subscr... 0.00
Taking out array from dictionary in swift 3 +0.52
How do I populate a tableview with JSON data from Alamofire? -0.82
How to refresh data and the view of a table view in SWIFT for iOs l... 0.00
Converting UTF16View.Index advanced by function in Swift 4 +0.64
Xcode 9 with Swift 4 Extra argument in call +0.01
Get the String Value for Int from Service Response 0.00
Pie chart isn't drag-able +0.52
Interating through Array with if-else statements (Swift) -0.71
Swift protocol requring method returning protocols +0.01
Disable switch after 'if' statement -0.25
Status bar not the same color as the Navigation Bar 0.00
How adapt code to work with a Tab Bar Controller 0.00
How do i get the response from Node.js server in iOS app? +0.02
face some error in my swift 3 code Thread1: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (co... 0.00
AVCapturePhoto Why is my photo always nil? +2.19
Getting dictionary from arrays obtained as response in swift 3 0.00
UIImageView under UIScrollview does not fit on top screen +0.20
Swift 4 Decodable, DecodingError : No value associated with key 0.00
Time Validation in swift3 0.00
iOS silent push not work when APP in background 0.00
UIDocumentPickerViewController files disabled? -0.46
IOS 11 only: Navigation bar label off on top -1.69
Swift Firebase Append Image for UIActivityViewController +0.04
how to print this kind of pattern using swift 3? +0.52
Filter an array using value from another array +0.85
How to validate TextFields after pressing key on Keyboard +0.52
UIsearchBar input Keyboard Type -1.74
Ignoring superclass property while decoding subclass -1.70
Creating SHA256 hash with swift4 0.00
Not getting proper Circular shape of UI Button for iOS 11 (Xcode 9) +0.02
Returning a string array from a model as all lowercase 0.00
A confusion about SearchBar and Tableview 0.00
How to get selected index of items in more navigation controller 0.00
How to create a getter setter method for a dictionary inside a clas... +0.52
How to convert date "MM-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss a" into text for... +2.19
sort struct in alphabetical order (swift4) -0.81
How do I get my array of dictionaries to populate my tableview? +0.50
Swift 4 JSONDecoder decode a protocol type +2.43
Dismissing A View with a swipe gesture - Swift 4 +0.42