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Nina Scholz

1622.17 (1,042nd)
223,537 (193rd)
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Title Δ
Assign object value to array with different values in array of obje... +0.35
How to square all values of an object in JavaScript? +0.31
From array of Object , get array of only matched key value +0.92
How can I use array destructuring when there's no array? 0.00
Javascript - One line if statement +0.99
Find next array index not from start AND if not found loop from beg... +1.07
Getting the maximum number of nodes in a tree -0.09
How to concat arrays alternatively every 2 items? JS +1.37
Yield of element returns strings array -1.47
Javascript for loop that calculates the square root of all numbers... +0.35
Alpha numeric sequence generation using javascript -0.89
Transforming array of objects containing arrays into a unique objec... -1.94
What is the term for reverse object destructuring? -1.57
Merge and sort multiple arrays using their ordering logic +0.33
how do you convert javascript object with arrays in to array of obj... 0.00
Continuing the count of an array of iterations +0.94
Calculating a midpoint with left + (right - left) / 2 returns a dec... -0.49
Move an element to the front of an array: Javascript -0.42
How do I make this Javascript code dry and efficient? 0.00
Use an object in switch case - javascript +1.48
Flatten Nested Objects and Output Array +1.14
Restructure JavaScript object into array of objects with named keys 0.00
Making a scalar within a scale in Javascript 0.00
Shorthand for looping through an object of objects +0.77
Filtering two arrays with .filter -1.72
How to compare a nested array and return the value that are true -0.16
Javascript Array Merging -0.48
Returning the default value for the key that cannot be found in the... 0.00
How to check if array inside object is empty JavaScript +0.32
js: array.reduce does not accumulate underlying values correctly -0.48
Calling JavaScript typeof as operator vs function 0.00
How can some() be used to check for duplicates in JS? +1.40
How to create new array with same reversed items? -1.51
Reducer function for a nested array with conditions -0.50
javascript: using reduce to collectively add for some fields? 0.00
How to create an object with every digits as it's key value in... -0.21
I need to create a Logic that creates a new loop per item based on... 0.00
How to replace a specific part from strings in odd and even index i... +0.33
how to split an array into equal chunks? -2.72
Sum only those elements that passes the condition using map +0.32
how to clear or overwrite document.write() on browser when my next... -0.17
How to update a value of a existing key in WeakMap? 0.00
How to check if a graph is cyclic in JavaScript +0.33
How to sort an array so that I get a specific value at position one? +1.84
Merge two arrays of objects but with uniqueness on a certain key/va... -2.40
merged array objects in javascript 0.00
How to get minimal possible combination of 4 digit number +1.80
Javascript find increase and decrease percentage of two numbers 0.00
Replacing a duplicate value in an array with a set value +0.33
Javascript: merge cartesian array of objects +0.32