An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Jesse Chisholm

1477.59 (4,250,319th)
2,510 (66,891st)
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Title Δ
How to send MultipartContent correctly on Linux/MacOS? 0.00
How to build Openssl TLS V1.2 for Windows XP? 0.00
How to write informations needed in an executable file -3.87
Convert image to DrawingImage 0.00
Convert DrawingImage into Geometry -3.77
Byte vector to hex stringstream DWORD aligned 0.00
Finding all connected computers to network and getting their IP adr... 0.00
STL iterator before std::map::begin() -3.40
Display results from one table as link to show results to another t... -0.72
Loading dll library from Resource to Current Domain(Embedding dll i... 0.00
Finding Globalized Resource files when remotely loading an assembly -3.97
Making a "modify-while-enumerating" collection thread-safe +0.25
How to ignore the certificate check when ssl 0.00
Getting Windows Time Zone Information (C++/MFC) 0.00
Break-able named scopes in C/C++ -4.18
Self-Avoiding Walk using backtracking recursion 0.00
How to validate lambda expressions against null references? -4.16
Thread suddenly stops with no exception or error message +4.55
video server supporting Http +0.09
How can JavaScript save to a local file? -3.81
How to create file format with metadata +4.45
Detect differences between two json files in c# 0.00
BitmapFrameDecode into Image +4.00
BitmapFrameDecode into Image -4.00
Global IPv6 adrress is unable to bind on Solaris -3.89
How do I run WPF application from different directory? 0.00
WCF Streaming - Limiting speed 0.00
Changing the Endpoint.Binding of a WCF System.ServiceModel.ClientBa... 0.00
Parse JSON String to JSON Object in C#.NET 0.00
What's wrong with my CRC-12 implementation? 0.00
Is there a way to overlay or merge a Drawing.Bitmap and a DrawingIm... 0.00
Binding an IP address just works for the first time 0.00
How to connect a C++ program to a WCF Service? 0.00
fast way to deserialize XML with special characters 0.00
Getting Microsoft.Web.Services3 available for VS2010 0.00
Get a remote MAC adress via IPv6 0.00
how to compare string in C conditional preprocessor-directives 0.00
Take next parameter as field width in String.Format 0.00
Override abstract readonly property to read/write property 0.00
Is there a way to determine which version of Visual Studio was used... 0.00
How to get message content from System.ServiceModel.Channels.Message? 0.00
Forcing the ASP.NET Application to load the assembly from bin not f... 0.00
.NET Format a string with fixed spaces 0.00
Why aren't classes like BindingList or ObservableCollection thread-... 0.00
Can not operate ObservableCollection in multi threads 0.00
How to remove "VsDebuggerCausalityData" data from SOAP me... 0.00