An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Sumit Gulati

1490.16 (4,290,156th)
445 (295,203rd)
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Title Δ
how to format datetime-local to DD-MM-YYYY on html or jquery -0.09
Removing all fraction symbols like “¼” and “½” from a str... -2.57
'component does not support event' error on creating an com... 0.00
same onclick function for multple images +2.81
Input tag type number for credit card -0.96
Sort Array in Recyclerview (Java, Android) 0.00
Replace words in parenthesis -0.67
How to trigger events in java at specific date and time? -1.61
Calling event listener using a FOR loop javascript +4.13
Selecting a option based on the value of its data attribute +4.56
Jsf dataTable sortby, I want (1,2,3,4,10,15), I get (1,10,15,2,3,4)... 0.00
Trouble with parsing and "doing math" with numbers (A sim... -2.06
Stack Overflow from Missed Function Call 0.00
JPA How to determine use @OneToOne or @OneToMany -3.71
What does converter="theme" refer to in the p:pickList ex... 0.00
Can I access Android HCE application if device is turned off? 0.00
How does Javac work for multiple files, directories, classes and so... -4.00
Add method for custom LinkedList class +4.09
Json and multiple User defined objects error 0.00
How to sort a custom adapter with int and string 0.00
Primefaces Calendar with Converter doesn't update correctly upo... -0.05
How to create an array of references +1.99
How can I get the name of the file to be uploaded by primefaces 0.00
How to check If a string contains a sub string? +0.04
Need help on an algorithm (stack overflow) -3.42
JSF + PrimeFaces returns blank page 0.00
Java Eclipse Null Pointer Exception +0.10
Primefaces keyboard component, custom layout 0.00
Rearrange table rows in hardcoded table -3.62
set javascript variable to object in array from another variable +0.46
What is the best way to print a whole linked-list if the user did n... -1.41
Link to Apple Wallet or Android Pay from a MVC Web Application 0.00
How to create an arraylist using polymorphism? 0.00
make a ball bounce off a wall java +4.09
Mini-Game inside Android Studio layout -4.02
IndexedDB work in Android native app 0.00
Tablesaw headers not shown on mobile 0.00
Group radio buttons inside a datatable - Primefaces 0.00
Hover Menu Not Disappearing on Mouseout -1.98
Generate Control Charts with Java Script? 0.00
How to make hidden sidebar display on hover -1.94