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Igor Chubin

1552.06 (7,190th)
38,727 (2,902nd)
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Title Δ
Pipe does not get printed in suckless terminal 0.00
Auto accept "Configuring iptables-persistent" 0.00
Why can the multiple assignments be separated by space in Shell +0.66
How can I capture the group catch by starts in python? -0.59
How to add a plus(+) sign in the user input -0.10
How to do a change in string of file using shell script +0.88
Can I login to a linux machine from my script, run a command and ge... 0.00
Why this Bash regex does not work? 0.00
Not able to switch between two subprocess 0.00
How to search a directory in unix and copy it to another Directory 0.00
Check if terminal output matches my string 0.00
Using greater than expression to filter text file lines? -0.07
How to remove substrings marked with special characters from a stri... +0.47
regex to exclude words for find tool +2.47
SED: Appending extra bytes after a specific byte position +1.50
How to divide python datetime-span into equally spaced time-interva... +1.54
Can you permanently change python code by input? -0.57
How to catch and act when prompted for user input in shell script? 0.00
linux sending command to existing screen 0.00
Converts a date from the form yyyy/mm/dd to the form month_name day... -0.34
How can i source bashrc before ansible ssh 0.00
resume file transfer if aborted 0.00
How to extract parent and nested items in single regular expression? 0.00
Modifying data in a column Python 0.00
How do you ignore but preserve ANSI escape codes with sed? 0.00
Script should run by own during server startup 0.00
Python Script Pexpect SSH -0.50
Keeping a terminal window open after running script from crontab -0.09
Can't get external visibility on flask server -2.01
bash: test if a process is running with a certain option 0.00
Missing information in nested dictionary python -1.81
Python prime number function populating list -0.08
Unresolved name `thread::scoped` in an elementary program 0.00
Getting number of times user logged in UNIX -0.82
What does the FD column of pipes listed by lsof mean? -2.27
Command Linux not working "grep" -0.08
Shell script loop call functions from another file, getting command... +1.74
passing command line argument to gawk script 0.00
what regex to extract all data except within <> in perl? +0.89
Run a function inside a console.log? +0.41
If anything but 0 and 1, return false +0.43
Formating Bash output into one Table 0.00
How to add sleep setting to cron job 0.00
my regexp does not work for a simple word match -0.88
what is diff between both of class definition 0.00
Linux command that can do this Batch Command's job 0.00
What is the time complexity for loop? +0.45
Sending packets between Amazon EC2 instances using their MAC-addres... 0.00
ping + how to minimize the time of the ping command +1.84
Unix read command with option -d and IFS variable combination -1.77