An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Sam Schutte

1478.74 (4,501,232nd)
4,360 (38,318th)
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Title Δ
jQuery Z-Order Problem in IE 6 -3.79
ASP.NET DataSource Control "does not have a naming container&q... +4.05
PHP App (ExpressionEngine) slow to load on IIS 7, MySQL, FastCGI -3.72
Custom Naming Container for ASP.NET GridView? +0.29
What is the fastest way to combine two xml files into one -2.69
Linq Compiled Query using Contains (Like SQLs IN statement) -2.07
WCF File Permissions? +0.14
Is VS 2008 Standard worth it? -1.15
How is BI related to data mining? -4.27
CLR UDF returning Varbinary(MAX) -3.87
Dynamic Controls, Update Panels and Events - Best Way To Achieve My... 0.00
Why are JPEG images created with System.Drawing larger than origina... -0.89
Is there a cross-platform GUI framework for C#/.NET? -1.50
Linq over Stored Procedures 0.00
Best practices for storing bank information in a database -1.64
100mbps Dedicated Server same download speed as a Shared Host! -1.74
SQL Cursor w/Stored Procedure versus Query with UDF +0.03
How do you foster the use of shared components in your organization? +4.38
How do you name your projects? -0.81
Scheduled console app vs Windows service? When is it appropriate to... +4.36
Should we select VB.NET or C# when upgrading our legacy applications? -3.17
IIS 5.1/6.0 Differences with DataGrid and SqlDataSource Refresh 0.00
SQL Server Mgt Studio not showing table? -3.66
What A.I.-driven features would you like to see in an IDE? +1.32
How are Operating Systems "Made"? -2.60
Is everyone here jumping on the ORM band wagon? -0.07
Software protection for small vendors -4.16
Efficient ISNUMERIC() replacements on SQL Server? +1.61
How do I create a web application where I do not have access to the... +3.36
Why are web applications more popular than local applications? -2.53
Entity framework: One big model or a set of smaller models? 0.00
What is the difference between <%# Bind("") %> and... -3.43
Settings.Default.<property> always returns default value inst... +1.07
What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered? 0.00
How do you remove Subversion control for a folder? -2.45
Visual Studio 2008 Properties Window SLOW +3.83
Visual Studio 2008 Properties Window SLOW -2.17
Are booleans as method arguments unacceptable? +2.28
What are the Pros and Cons of using Global.asax? +3.10
.Net Data structures: ArrayList, List, HashTable, Dictionary, Sorte... +4.06
How do I avoid a memory leak with LINQ-To-SQL? -4.03
What are some of the pros and cons of using jQuery? -0.56
Interfaces: Why can't I seem to grasp them? +1.10
C# .NET 3.5 GUI design +4.09
Problem with a gridview, paging and "object reference not set&... +1.36
Do you use source control for your database items? -0.32
How do you add a button to the email message window toolbar in Lotu... -4.16
Uses of "using" in C# +1.70
What is the best way and recommended practices for interacting with... -4.00
FogBugz compared to OnTime +2.06