An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1509.24 (76,193rd)
11,166 (13,383rd)
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Title Δ
Interface role in Dependency Injection 0.00
Calculate in T-SQL FAST the high and low of the previous 1440 rows? +2.41
EF Core Fluent API, set IsRequired on all entities to generate a no... 0.00
How to use Multiple DataContexts(DbContext) in a Repository .Net We... -0.51
Why does my code produces a different solution than the official so... +2.31
User session in background task in ASP.NET Core -0.52
Entity Framework 6 FluentApi One-to-One Relationship configuration -0.61
What is the Best Practice to Resolve SQL Server Statement WHERE Par... +2.04
how to override value in appsettings.json file between 2 different... 0.00
ConcurrentDictionary Add Data +2.01
Can't access views from different project using Razor View Engine 0.00
Display the first name, birthdate and age for all customers whose o... -0.70
Admission/discharge joined into single episode of care 0.00
Entity Framework and ASP.NET Core UOW Repository pattern +0.48
Entity Framework Core 3 - can't get query to work +1.33
Handling DB transactions/ DbContext with ASP.NET MVC with Entity Fr... 0.00
Comparing entries of 2 dictionaries by their values but then return... +1.08
Why the counter does not work in threadpool -0.51
C# how to get a property of an array of objects and make operations... -0.48
IEnumerable<T> Covariance With ints/longs 0.00
Entity Framework override model context 0.00
Entity Framework Core 2 Owned Entity Types - Change Names of Table... +0.51
Incorrect syntax near COLUMN in ADD COLUMN query +0.49
Autoincrement won't work inside foreach in a table +0.50
DbContext.Attach behaves differently on Ef Core 3.0 than 2.2, fails... -1.85
C# linked lists sort values and insert int in correct place 0.00
Is there a way to make Entity Framework Core map all Guid propertie... 0.00
.NET Core 2.2 - Entity Framework - Custom Assign [NotMapped] Model... 0.00
Using EF core and EF6 side-by-side 0.00
EF Core - Global setting for handling a specific type 0.00
EntityFramework: Is it possible to map two different columns to the... +1.15
Ef core abstract HasQueryFilter from DbContext 0.00
C# - Calculation in for loop not doing a correct calculation? -0.76
MSSQL - Find and Replace text in ALL stored Procedures +0.02
C# Console Application unexpectedly closing +2.04
DataTable.AsEnumerable() does not Exist on my Visual Studio For Mac... 0.00
.Net core Dependency injection - with parameters 0.00
Entity Framework Join Three Entity Sum 0.00
Simple LINQ to Entities translation 0.00
web.config transform not transforming 0.00
How to make EF Core Include() not keep track of entities? +0.51
Adding two arrays into one by using methods C# -0.13
Disable Model Validation [Required] in ASP.NET Web API -1.71
Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore DbSet.Update([NotNullAttribute] TEnti... 0.00
EF: Deleting object with bridge table -0.01
How to implement a left join with some condition on second table in... 0.00
Access object attributes when the object is in an array C# 0.00
Accessing SQL from Entity Framework Core Queries in ASP.NET Core -1.83
Entity Framework query Related Entities in single query 0.00