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Michael Antonius

1424.32 (4,190,819th)
466 (282,620th)
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Title Δ
PHP + jQuery - Long Polling with database data aren't working (it d... +0.93
Make div rotatable in every browser -1.74
Form submit not posting Safari 0.00
ajax mysql lookup not returning correct result for multi word string -3.23
jquery hover menu fadein/hide dropdown -3.20
Favicon is not displayed only at one page in firefox 0.00
How to put a message before 3 month until current date? 0.00
Animate Background Image Top position - Jquery 0.00
What is the best way to handle onchange event on a div? +5.76
My link doesnt work, when using ajax & jquery to open it -1.44
html text hiding with paragraph id -2.23
jQuery methods using unordered/optional arguments +1.06
My .htaccess is looks good, but it is not working +0.88
PHP MYSQL Insert Into one table from another -1.91
min-height: 100%? -1.49
Faster HTML5 video alternative 0.00
How to keep a div's margin during sliding? +0.95
slideToggle jquery - close all 0.00
removing content from text input field -0.72
Change database value 0.00
How to hide a DIV element when I click outside -3.34
.val doesn't work when executed by .click -0.77
jquery hiding image on page load depending on title -0.68
getting HTML to send content to PHP -3.36
Difference between two SQL Queries -3.27
AJAX Request Erroring +0.59
Is there a special syntax for declaring functions when using jQuery? -2.86
create array with in foreach in php +1.31
I don't know how to fetch serialized data in php +0.49
jquery ajax return full page content 0.00
Having difficulty working with global variables and $.getScript -1.34
PHP - Selecting Multiple columns from a database +0.61
Input type text fill with a string: "Foo"< -3.02
How to set height and width of notification alert -3.30
htaccess dynamic query string +0.90
htaccess dynamic query string +0.90
Display Updated Page using Ajax/JQuery PHP +0.52
Make whole <li> as link with proper HTML -2.53
syntax error else {, what does it mean? -2.44
How to make div invisible to still able to click? -3.24
Use of each loop for dynamically generated elements 0.00
Before Form submission perform some sql query to insert values into... +1.19
Get the current top position of an element -3.65
mysql_num_rows from multiple tables -2.17
How to append only new data instead of all? +0.56
css - give full available height -3.44
How can I get all posted data as one single line in php? -3.56
make fixed header of first row -1.32
second element to fill remaining vertical space +0.20
Multiple div inside bottom div -3.49