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max taldykin

1517.15 (36,686th)
8,721 (17,839th)
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Title Δ
What is let Foo(bar) = zar in Rust? 0.00
How to do conditional on NCurses getEvent -0.01
Why doesn’t GHC use my displayException method? 0.00
fractional type is in Haskell -1.69
Playing with the arrow (->) 0.00
References to captured variables in an Actix server causes "ar... 0.00
Calling function from already deployed contract in solidity? 0.00
Get index of next smallest element in the list in Haskell +1.36
Storing gas inside a contract +0.46
Unknown parse error from Haskell code for formating Text 0.00
From multiple rows to single column in Postgres -1.23
Create a zero length vector 0.00
Definition of List in Agda 0.00
Postgres Arrays Rows aggregation +0.72
Deploy contract using solcjs 0.00
check whether the ROBDD diagram is correct 0.00
DPLL and Satisfiablity Examples? 0.00
PostgreSQL: How to pass and array to a function and using it in a q... 0.00
Regular expression not containing 101 +0.52
React component could not sync props which created by dynamic React... 0.00
Calling Haskell from C, getting "multiple definition of main&q... -0.25
Capture Video from Camera & Save it to the file 0.00
Update query on PostgreSQL table not working 0.00
Algorithm for multiplying two numbers +0.94
instance Show - can't get it to compile 0.00
Write Operation Cost [Go lang] -1.98
Haskell: How to pretty print a string without quotes? 0.00
Working with databases with Python: Course registration data in JSON 0.00
Create sort of splitfunction haskell -0.57
Change delimiter and newline character in Postgres logging mechanism 0.00
Two functions compile with type annotations. Remove one annotation... -2.07
type-class difficult inference 0.00
Read and writing to file in Haskell -1.00
Grepping for whole words containing only numbers 0.00
Convert Int or Integer to [Word8] or [Bit] +0.10
accessing bidimensional newListArray in Haskell +0.53
How to compose these two functions +0.27
Pipe symbol in elm action method 0.00
Read a file while another program locked it 0.00
How to find if somebody is somebodies second cousin once removed in... 0.00
Unable to change state of checkbox dynamically using setState -0.05
Space leak with recursive list zipWith -0.51
jQuery Trigger and On in JSFiddle 0.00
Prevent setState from batching updates 0.00
React.js does not differentiate between two components of same class 0.00
Depth of a json tree +0.46
Valid Parenthese in a string (Haskell implementation) 0.00
Haskell: Is there a way to deduce the return type of a function fro... 0.00
Extended find of unique tuples in a relation represented by a BDD -0.03
Template Haskell error when trying out simple singletons example 0.00