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Matthieu M.

1632.54 (805th)
213,195 (207th)
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Title Δ
More than one operator overload in Rust 0.00
Stack of references in unsafe Rust, but ensuring that the unsafenes... 0.00
Stack of references in unsafe Rust, but ensuring that the unsafenes... 0.00
Can rust guarantee I free an object with the right object pool? 0.00
Generate Fibonacci Sequence in Compile-Time using generics 0.00
Does Rust borrow checker analyze the program locally or globally? 0.00
More compact, easier to read Rust error handling 0.00
Arithmetic overflow expected but does not occur 0.00
Why does a program compile despite an apparent lifetime mismatch? 0.00
Why is the semicolon after the return statement optional? +1.29
What is the time complexity of iterating BTreeSet and HashSet? +0.82
Why exactly is `Rc` thread unsafe? 0.00
When and why would I want to use i8 instead of i32? +0.31
How to express this concept without dynamic dispatch? -0.66
From semantic perspective, what's the moment an undefined behav... 0.00
With Rust how do I perform a common set of actions on functions tha... 0.00
Why does a const reference to a reference lose its constness? -1.69
In Java, how to get positions of ones in reversed binary form of an... +0.56
What speed gain am I changing if I optimize for size (z) instead of... 0.00
Why are Rust documentation tests not executed in Docker when cross-... +0.33
How to implement Iterator yielding mutable references -0.67
Rust pointer being freed was not allocated error 0.00
How can I forward/alias/delegate a function to a method? -2.80
Does the Rust language support Non-blocking IO (NIO)? +0.32
Why does Rust generate LLVM IR in an architecture-specific way and... 0.00
How is the impl. of Rust's channels functionally different from... 0.00
Can C++ and Rust programs compiled to wasm interoperate somehow? 0.00
In Rust, how do I create a HashSet from the keys of a HashMap? +1.54
What is the difference between Trait::<T> and <Trait<T&... -1.70
How to implement long-lived variables/state in a library? +0.33
Is it safe to `Send` struct containing `Rc` if strong_count is 1 an... +1.53
"Safe" SIMD arithmetic on aligned vectors of odd size? -1.63
Is there an intrinsic reason explaining why Rust does not have high... 0.00
Will the non-lexical lifetime borrow checker release locks prematur... +1.88
Why is indexing a mutable vector based on its len() considered simu... 0.00
How do I mutate and optionally remove elements from a vec without m... +1.30
What is the owner of literal reference such as &4 in Rust? 0.00
What is the cited problem with using generic type parameters in tra... -2.53
Why does making one enum variant an `f64` increase the size of this... -1.20
Share static lazy-initialized object containing `Rc` refs among mul... 0.00
Is a move constructor/assignment needed for RVO to kick in in C++11? +2.39
Define a custom parser using structopt that changes based on anothe... 0.00
How to format a byte into a 2 digit hex string, in Rust +0.32
How can I transfer some values ‚Äčinto a Rust generator at each step? 0.00
Should I pass function objects by value or by reference? +0.88
Why does returning a string slice instead of a usize prevent mutati... +0.97
How do I tell the compiler not to evaluate an argument? 0.00
How to model dependent and nested sum types? 0.00
How do I determine the type annotation while calling MyActor::from_... 0.00
Returning closure from a closure as return value for function 0.00