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Matthieu M.

1635.79 (773rd)
213,195 (208th)
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Title Δ
Multiple foreign keys referencing same table in Diesel -0.71
Does Rust devirtualize trait object function calls? +0.31
Safe line reading in Rust -0.22
How can I safely share objects between Rust and C++? 0.00
C++ alternative of rust's proc macros 0.00
How to write a delete function for a binary tree in Rust? 0.00
More than one operator overload in Rust +1.51
Stack of references in unsafe Rust, but ensuring that the unsafenes... +1.45
Stack of references in unsafe Rust, but ensuring that the unsafenes... -0.77
Can rust guarantee I free an object with the right object pool? -0.60
Generate Fibonacci Sequence in Compile-Time using generics +1.32
Does Rust borrow checker analyze the program locally or globally? -0.21
More compact, easier to read Rust error handling +1.17
Arithmetic overflow expected but does not occur 0.00
Why does a program compile despite an apparent lifetime mismatch? 0.00
Why is the semicolon after the return statement optional? +1.29
What is the time complexity of iterating BTreeSet and HashSet? +0.82
Why exactly is `Rc` thread unsafe? 0.00
When and why would I want to use i8 instead of i32? +0.31
How to express this concept without dynamic dispatch? -0.66
From semantic perspective, what's the moment an undefined behav... 0.00
With Rust how do I perform a common set of actions on functions tha... 0.00
Why does a const reference to a reference lose its constness? -1.69
In Java, how to get positions of ones in reversed binary form of an... +0.56
What speed gain am I changing if I optimize for size (z) instead of... 0.00
Why are Rust documentation tests not executed in Docker when cross-... +0.33
How to implement Iterator yielding mutable references -0.67
Rust pointer being freed was not allocated error 0.00
How can I forward/alias/delegate a function to a method? -2.80
Does the Rust language support Non-blocking IO (NIO)? +0.32
Why does Rust generate LLVM IR in an architecture-specific way and... 0.00
How is the impl. of Rust's channels functionally different from... 0.00
Can C++ and Rust programs compiled to wasm interoperate somehow? 0.00
In Rust, how do I create a HashSet from the keys of a HashMap? +1.54
What is the difference between Trait::<T> and <Trait<T&... -1.70
How to implement long-lived variables/state in a library? +0.33
Is it safe to `Send` struct containing `Rc` if strong_count is 1 an... +1.53
"Safe" SIMD arithmetic on aligned vectors of odd size? -1.63
Is there an intrinsic reason explaining why Rust does not have high... 0.00
Will the non-lexical lifetime borrow checker release locks prematur... +1.88
Why is indexing a mutable vector based on its len() considered simu... 0.00
How do I mutate and optionally remove elements from a vec without m... +1.30
What is the owner of literal reference such as &4 in Rust? 0.00
What is the cited problem with using generic type parameters in tra... -2.53
Why does making one enum variant an `f64` increase the size of this... -1.20
Share static lazy-initialized object containing `Rc` refs among mul... 0.00
Is a move constructor/assignment needed for RVO to kick in in C++11? +2.39
Define a custom parser using structopt that changes based on anothe... 0.00
How to format a byte into a 2 digit hex string, in Rust +0.32
How can I transfer some values ‚Äčinto a Rust generator at each step? 0.00