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1494.72 (4,283,701st)
772 (191,903rd)
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Title Δ
Why does this regex fails to check accurately? +4.94
How to pass a string array to powershell through vbscript? -2.51
Remove character in string that is between curly braces -3.34
Regex for period, word, and then colon +4.41
Add parentheses to a string with a given condition -4.08
Fix regular expression to extract key-value pairs from file names -1.91
Span<T> range operator doesn't make sense -0.70
How to overcome this 2D -Transpose Matrix Index Out of Bound Except... 0.00
E-Mail via VBScript: HTML Bodytext from external file +4.07
How to match strings with regex to know of the first two words of a... +5.44
How to get full path of shortcut link via vbscript 0.00
How to calculate Duration of Time between two date time through VBs... +0.14
Passing quotes to powershell script in c# code doesn't work 0.00
Create new line on TOML file 0.00
System.Uri drops Unicode RLM (Right-to-Left Mark; U+200F) character... 0.00
C# - Polymorphism of classes inside array -3.94
How to implement the override methods of Equals and GetHashCode in... -4.03
RegEx match unserscore chatacters in strings not starting with @ -2.52
Finding regex patterns regardless of spaces -3.99
single regex using groups that matches either of these lines -0.03
Regex replace but exclude everything inside <title> </titl... 0.00
vbscript: replace all text inline after a search string +0.42
How does one extract data from a string which possibly could get sp... -0.34
How expand a regex for one unit measure to match "unit x unit... +0.98
Regex query to validate a currency string C#? +1.71
Can I use TOML variables to nest TOML tables in other TOML tables? 0.00
Primefaces fileUpload disable executable files regular expression i... 0.00