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Rating Stats for

Grzegorz Gierlik

1476.50 (4,507,659th)
9,247 (16,687th)
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Title Δ
If count(column) Then Select in Oracle -1.54
SQL JOIN to get the compare two values/row from table "A"... +0.54
Select max value (sql) +1.26
How to display all employees that has different job then previous o... 0.00
Query help, not getting right rows 0.00
Any downside to using a view to make sure stored procedures get all... +0.41
alternative of left join OR condition 0.00
Selecting ambiguous column from subquery with postgres join inside +0.26
SQL Server - Create Index on query over multiple tables? +0.46
PLSQL Oracle - Count if same text occurs for consecutive days 0.00
Inserting a New Column from Three Joined Tables +0.03
How can I combine these two stored procedures -0.08
Very slow SQL join, with limited amount of data +0.54
Using the same columns in WHERE clause in Oracle +0.14
SQL join on condition -1.22
Sql server datetime is interpreted with wrong day/month -1.07
using nested if in stored procedure +1.04
sql how to write this as a script +2.01
Select values from multiple rows from 1 table as 1 record +0.07
For Loop Error in string +1.77
Length of month name is not correct Oracle Sql 0.00
SQL select * vs. selecting specific columns -0.46
SQL JOIN, optimization -1.09
SQL calculations from different table -0.82
SQL not properly filtering on certain criteria -0.79
SQL: Count() based on column value +0.30
MS SQL Server select random rows with no duplicates +0.72
In Vim how to jump between two files +0.93
Advanced MySQL Query Grouping -0.49
Is it okay to use string as your ID in a MySQL table? +0.48
SQL Update is really slow (about 20-50sec), Select takes less than... +0.55
datetime vs bigint -0.47
Trim String on both ends using javascript -0.67
Does nesting `if`s increase performances? +0.98
VB.NET AlphaNumeric into integer +1.60
Creating a sequence starting with 0 -0.51
In SQL, how do I convert a date field into a string if null? +0.04
In C#, is a Debug.Assert test run in release mode? +0.26
Regular expression does not work -0.87
How to Replace IS NULL and != with a Built-in TSQL Function? +0.03
photos from Facebook fan page 0.00
How to get the top 10 values in postgresql? -1.89
how to detect multiple faces in images in C#? 0.00
Inner join with if statement +0.04
Empty String to Double C# +1.33
How to use WHERE clauses to optimise SQL query +0.03
SQL Server - Return multiple row values in single row -0.58
Facebook Graph API - Batch Request for large profile pictures 0.00
Javascript can't access property of an object -0.47
How to Get A Count From Another Table In SQL? PART 2 +0.54