An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1636.73 (715th)
665,535 (14th)
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Title Δ
Replace first occurance of a colon with tab -1.28
Best way to move 8 bits into 8 individual bytes -0.36
Merge 2 arrays example [a,b,c] [x,y,z] = [a,x,b,y,c,z] -2.26
What is the machine encoding of 4 -- Is it 011 0100 (ascii) or 0100... +1.44
Is there any specific reason why the chr function won't accept... +0.30
Does each code point have a corresponding name? 0.00
How to fix 'sh: 1: path/to/file not found ' python random g... +0.11
Why my string parameter is different when called in c++ import method 0.00
How to count the frequency of the number x +0.31
Ternary Operator SyntaxError +1.28
Calling a function repeatedly using timer 0.00
Is there a way to simplify assignment to variable with multiple con... 0.00
How to print specific list in python from a large collection of list? -0.45
Assistance with a vba project 0.00
Without Emacs, how does Bash command line editing work in Emacs mode? +1.10
Is that OK if I unlock a mutex before I lock it? -1.80
Why sys.exit() cannot stop to execute the next line of script Pytho... 0.00
Getting segmentation error(code dumped in c++ +1.03
Using a function with "awk" produces the "fatal: can... 0.00
How do I decode a base64 string in MS Word macro? 0.00
multiple commands in if statement 0.00
why calculating time difference returns error 0.00
display fps is 0 when nothing is happening 0.00
fail to read it all into memory when shortcount reading -0.67
Why Isn't malloc() Allocating Enough Memory -0.27
fail to create QFile (only with msvc2017 uwp) 0.00
Batch File Not Returning Expected Text 0.00
What does address mean in hex? 0.00
Error: Module 'sqlite3' has no connect member 0.00
the carry in most significant bit(on 3 digits) 0.00
How does the following equation work in python x=4**3**5**7.Can som... 0.00
Why is this range based for statement returning one number too low? 0.00
How is p[a:b:c] handled by python? -1.72
Most elegant way of turning bits on and off -2.36
How can I store the result of this command as a variable in my bash... -2.50
Building a craps table program in Python +0.28
Write the output to a file +0.74
Compute factorials efficiently -0.79
How can a sizeof operator calculate size of return type of a functi... 0.00
Why is ENTER needed when executing reverse search from Vim command... -2.13
C++ c2664 error "cannot convert argument 1 from std::string to... +0.29
Why this is not correctly printing the username i entered? 0.00
Add string to columns in bash +1.08
'str' object has no attribute 'h264' 0.00
How to choose available drives except pendrive for backup operation? +1.49
Why am I getting 0 as the output? Can you find the mistake? +0.29
Understanding cmp in assembly +1.22
The performance about if statements in python -1.73
How do I extract text from awk results? -0.28
Vba error when I am trying to set a workbook - Excel -0.21