An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1632.89 (825th)
831,684 (15th)
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Title Δ
Loops in python need to run the loop only once -1.38
Why does Python IDLE echo None as empty instead of string 'None... +1.10
IndexError in a python list - "list index out of range" +0.32
Code generator when machine language supports or not indirect jumps 0.00
Can someone explain hard ilogical bug on C use of #define UMAX (a,... +1.70
What's the best way to create shared libraries with circular de... +0.33
Quick question about how strings work with strlen() and fgets() -3.11
Using 'w' and 'r' in txt files 0.00
total the even numbers and product the odd 0.00
The timer flag is set immediately(Similary) 0.00
A, B and C are three boolean values. Write an expression in terms o... -2.89
MSVC: why "#pragma fenv_access (on)" causes "error C... -0.72
For every consecutive number +1.21
After STM instruction, why does R6 register hold memory location of... 0.00
Sorting an array using Bucket Sort in C. Question about how the cod... 0.00
What is the result of the double use of the new int? -1.89
Compiler showing warnings even though code is working +0.59
C program is skipping code statements while compiling and executing 0.00
Access violation writting location error when calculating the trans... 0.00
why is std::string causing a memory leak in a class even after dele... +1.76
Think Python (How to think like a computer scientist) - Excercise 8... +0.95
How ctrl-d, ctrl-c is handled by C/scanf 0.00
why ' grep -w -e "[SVC]" *.* ' doesn't return... 0.00
Trying to figure out how many digits in a number are a multiple of... -2.53
C++ equal operator in array 0.00
Is padding ever added to this C structure? 0.00
awk variable used before defined to determine the longest line +2.22
I have problem with uint8_t error and i cant printf(integer) +0.30
In C, how to set first eight bits of any sized int in a generic way -0.59
Estimate the storage capacity of a 20-minute-vinyl in bits, but how? 0.00
How to get into Xilinx ZCU102 u-boot prompt -1.52
scanf is getting skipped, showing segmentation fault +0.27
Conditional sentence 'elif i=='Z' ' which is Invali... +0.32
What is .zero in GNU gas? 0.00
What log level are request logs? 0.00
c# string format 0,0 single digit has leading zero 0.00
Sort cards according to their suites and values using python +1.59
Sprite not moving despite inputs in pygame 0.00
Why does strtok cause a segfault in my program? 0.00
Beginner Python - Printing Values in a List +0.12
Trying to make an uptime command (converts to -1 day when after 12a... 0.00
printf not working outside a function with a pointer to struct -0.69
Using mutexes with detached threads in C 0.00
unexpected value of the variable after code conversion -1.70
can same input data have different CRC value? 0.00
My program is having a problem detecting a specific letter inside a... +0.32
How to sort release version string in descending order with Bash -1.36
THREE is not defined; how do I fix this? 0.00
How do you print selected values from a list using a while loop 0.00
Zero populating array in python 0.00