An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1647.35 (547th)
639,530 (14th)
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Title Δ
c++ program runs incorrect else statement 0.00
c++ pointer allocating more space than specified when using Visual... +0.30
Python: How to replace vowels in the string with an @ symbol -0.21
singly linked list in C: pushBack 0.00
AttributeError: module 'fuzzywuzzy' has no attribute 'r... -1.42
How to concatenate char pointers using strcat in c? +1.22
Why isn't my terminal running my updated C++ code? 0.00
Assembly Language: Result in accumulator 0.00
Why is the ComboBox loading different data when I am on a different... -0.70
Is DNS skipped if I enter the IP Address instead of a URL? -0.71
Last segment of IP Address +0.30
QT QRegularExpression not matching +1.18
How can I write function with 2 arguments? +0.29
Keep getting a Syntax Error on my if statement 0.00
shell script - while loop does not terminate 0.00
Function for binary conversion -0.27
How do I install wxPython into a specific VsCode Python? 0.00
Reading %le from file 0.00
Spliting a number like 15 into these(0, 1, 2, 4, 8) Python +1.05
What %qu format stands for in printf() +1.74
Why does the following case statement not work in the following loop? 0.00
Pointer in C giving negative values 0.00
Python 3.7.2 Elif not working only if statement 0.00
What is the difference between "main()" and "main(_)... 0.00
Uninitialized int variable in C - why is this working? -0.03
How to run fread() to extract data in fixed-size chunks 0.00
Using Switch with enum in C++ +0.45
builtins.TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'list... 0.00
Can someone explain why I'm getting segmentation fault 11? -0.28
why am i getting an error using the sep function? 0.00
C++ for loop is not interating correctly. It is stopping at first i... 0.00
String Manipulations in AWK -1.21
Why does my code not execute the outcome of my simple rock, paper,... +0.30
c++ deleting object do not free memory 0.00
Cannot store value into vector struct +0.30
C++ Printing shared_ptr use count in tree -1.46
Is there a pythonic way to add conditions to while statements if va... +1.06
How to fix "OperationalError: near 'n': syntax error&q... 0.00
Why does printing from an uninitialised array crash my computer? 0.00
How do I swap number position such as 4th position to 7th position? +0.29
#VALUES! while using IF and OR together +1.50
Generating Random Math Operators in C++ -0.69
Python library, what does "q" stand for in heapq? +0.30
c++ please i cant figure out what is wrong here -0.41
Problems with reading text file in C -0.19
If and else statements don't work if my number variable is over... +0.75
Why is this code giving me segmentation error? -0.22
C++ - vector of futures 0.00
Why are the trash values printed? +2.06
ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘transpose’ with no type [-fpermissi... +0.30