An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1660.79 (408th)
474,840 (41st)
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Title Δ
Display element from file until a limit value in the file? 0.00
Replace Inputtext with javascript variable returns [object HTMLInpu... 0.00
Parsing JSON keys and values in PHP 0.00
How can I remove "None" at the end of my function's r... 0.00
Calling a function to a loop 0.00
setting input stream to return EOF repeatedly in loop 0.00
Error selecting a php function with session id and about correct sy... 0.00
How to read "n" lines at a time from stdin? 0.00
Is it possible to select and update an unknown value? 0.00
Searching for word in a file and converting it from lowercase to up... 0.00
Making compare() function more elegant 0.00
How to self query the table and add column based on logic? 0.00
If 1 number is over 10, how to make another number under 10 when yo... 0.00
Phpstorm warning string is not assignable to parameter type 0.00
attaching event handler to whole alphabets or just to one by one 0.00
Lisp recursive function to check for value in list not working 0.00
Loop for every x object in JSON aray 0.00
insert and remove multiple values in a table created with SET sql 0.00
What is the difference of all main functions? 0.00
Iterate json, look in text file and append data if not exists 0.00
Loop through ALL DOM elements not working 0.00
OS.Rename saving file to wrong folder 0.00
Grep string in a file containing colon 0.00
fetch_assoc() is just called once 0.00
Counting tables by it's DISTINCT 0.00
Using an error as a condition in an if/then statement 0.00
Why does a linked list with a double pointer cause an error? 0.00
I want to use multiple table query for login 0.00
in JS, anArray = [] works but abArray.splice(0, anArray.length) and... 0.00
Jquery rows toogle class independant table 0.00
Mysql indexing for lengthy query 0.00
Where condition based on count of results 0.00
Getting pattern matched from match object 0.00
Javascript program to find the highest prime number 0.00
Why is my for loop duplicating my values? 0.00
How to send file with cURL exec PHP 0.00
How do I use a regular expression to put the beginning of a string,... 0.00
How can I show more results in a html php mysql table? 0.00
Can I create a query based on several joins with a sum? 0.00
How do you target indexes of a string in a for loop? 0.00
How to replace just one specified line in python 0.00
concat string values in multiple dicts 0.00
Can I reuse a where clause with many conditions in MySQL? 0.00
Initializing a socket object 0.00
Most pythonic way to call a list of functions 0.00
Best way to add these variables to an array or JSON to send? 0.00
Can i use SCANF in a file and then make the stream go one position... 0.00
Is there an efficient way to find the shared value of two list elem... 0.00
Insert data in two separate tables 0.00
Passing python list as an function argument 0.00