An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1636.33 (696th)
449,063 (43rd)
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Title Δ
Fetching variable from the database 0.00
Better way to find two array elements that add up to a given number 0.00
Add class to each link when it has focus (jQuery) 0.00
Using exec() to run lambda function from string 0.00
GROUP BY one column or another (transitive relation) 0.00
Changing Bool for while loop 0.00
Generate subarray with equal number elements 0.00
Replace string between brackets with variable 0.00
Substitute a variable in a line read from a file 0.00
Separate compress data in two different column 0.00
PHP: looping through an array of objects and displaying the sum of... 0.00
Re-arrage JSON values from existing values 0.00
Allow only insert once a day in mysql table 0.00
MySQL & predefined tags: One table solution? 0.00
if clause nested in let inside a macro not working as expected 0.00
Program abruptly stops based on the length of an arbitrary word 0.00
Insert Multiple sql statements in php from an array from for loop o... 0.00
Using atoi to convert string index to array index 0.00
Question on async vs sync queries on database 0.00
Pass options to command in function in Bash 0.00
PHP find string1 within string2 where string1 is derived from MySQL... 0.00
How to add inputs with jquery 0.00
PHP 5.6 calling multiple class methods with class name as variable... 0.00
return instruction stop my for-loop in javascript 0.00
What do the square brackets after ES6 function do? 0.00
Class instance generation resulting in undefined variables 0.00
Bash regex match on JSON structure 0.00
Bash, read variable with variable inside 0.00
How to get first and last record of each user in MySQL (for attenda... 0.00
Query Many-to-Many relationship to see if one value exists but not... 0.00
Extern variable memory location and Compile/Run time behaviour 0.00
How to get this below result using this table data in MySQL? 0.00
How to pass quarterly values dynamically inside "where" c... 0.00
How to set the selected value of a dynamically created select box 0.00
Fflush on a file 0.00
How to get the option value in javascript 0.00
Issue with at job called via cron (Ubuntu) 0.00
Parse text content into particluar json format 0.00
Add string to columns in bash 0.00
Removing specific items but only for some columns 0.00
how to print return variable from api(javascript) inside php tag? 0.00
Array from pregmatch_all to csv 0.00
Passing information up the stack in an Exception? 0.00
How to create required UI with JSON data 0.00
Creating a script to substitute a small file's contents in a pl... 0.00
mysql query child parent relation 0.00
How to give multiple IF Condition in one line 0.00
"break" not terminating script python 0.00
Creating an array with identifier "name" in Javascript be... 0.00
PHP file download: PHP is sending file data in ajax response but fi... 0.00