An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1638.48 (659th)
431,019 (43rd)
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Title Δ
How do HTTP cookies operate? 0.00
Is this a bug in PHP null coalesce operator or expected behaviour? 0.00
Error 1064 exporting data using INTO OUTFILE to a csv file using co... 0.00
Using variables in multiple "NOT IN" clauses +1.42
Deleting a specific comment off an array (JS) 0.00
Inner Join Query with MAX Date Still Returning Multiple Values for... 0.00
99% working behavior from mysql statement needs to be 100% 0.00
Python simplify if and loop +0.31
Get total amount of hours from 2 variables +0.32
PHP get values by given keys 0.00
How to get a word count of data in mysql and display in bar graph 0.00
How do I create a dictionary from two lists in python while maintai... -1.44
How to determine the type of a numerical value passed as a string w... +0.33
random not work if the question over 204 in xml 0.00
print elements as list [ a, b, c] 0.00
Jquery - inArray - Check value exists or not after compare 0.00
MySQL Selecting First Non-Null Value from Multiple Rows +1.23
Human readable size to a range of bytes -0.79
How to log specific user executed queries 0.00
How to print correctly with railway cypher 0.00
For loop Join with & +0.74
Time complexity of constant array size +0.30
Elements of a bash array as separate command line arguments to python 0.00
How do I replace all numbers with a modified version of that number... 0.00
What is wrong with my code? I'm trying to return the card with... -0.47
JavaScript Check if File exists, if not then 0.00
Main recursively called without local variables +0.48
Use multiline PHP variable as argument for executing bash script +1.23
RegEx for re-occurring phrase -0.34
Why doesnt np.random.seed(0) make array creation determinstic? +0.33
Js script to toggle visibility on divisions does not work -2.59
How do I parse this kind of json string in PHP, since json_decode n... +0.38
Procedure is not working in the way it should? +0.48
Python returning none instead of string -0.19
User condition online with last login with time() -0.68
SQL trouble with insert in if statement 0.00
Get property num_rows of non-object +0.31
Pipe: Closing file descriptors in an array of pipe 0.00
Fetchmany() loop to write in to multiple files 0.00
MYSQL getting total of summed column 0.00
error Cannot read property 'add' of undefined +0.31
OnChange AJAX seems complication with dynamic values 0.00
In C, is an array of characters always and only ever used to repres... 0.00
Printing array using loops give garbage values but printing individ... -0.69
Include jQuery function in HTML form 0.00
PHP DOMDocument not removing all element +0.31
what is the meaning of -t in -t fileName option when connecting to... 0.00
Sys.argv no output -0.67
php string to object varible - replacing name of an object 0.00
c - Why no race condition with fopen / fprintf 0.00