An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1643.91 (657th)
706,343 (28th)
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Title Δ
Subtle Compiler Warning in SBCL When Compiling a Lambda Expression 0.00
simple echo function does not spit out number 0.00
Using Bash to make a POST request 0.00
Capturing the output from re.findall as a dictionary 0.00
Find in object to Edit or Add 0.00
trouble defining "Invalid" values from room dict 0.00
How to format the retrieved MySQL data in JSON format using php 0.00
Iterate over a file +0.40
Why can't I add a key and value when PHP array_key_exists is FA... 0.00
How can I display my javascript inside my <p> tags to make it... -2.71
Calculation program with arithmetic operators -0.39
What is the time-complexity of this for-loop? +0.31
How to iterate or loop in one go? 0.00
Adding multiple values to multiple rows in nodejs mysql 0.00
SQL query based on select option 0.00
using recursion to calculate total digits +1.45
How do I print the last output only? +0.69
Is there a data: URI-like construct for paths on Linux? +0.85
how to replace specified characters with space in a text file with... 0.00
How to check between a value python 0.00
How do you override a command in bash but make it handle existing p... 0.00
Adding Classes to Dynamic JSON Values 0.00
using 'awk in awk' +0.49
How to save changes from json in the same column or in a new one? 0.00
Decreasing variable influence over each iteration -0.70
Checking for error in foreach with valid but changed json with diff... 0.00
How to get the next instance of a class using jQuery 0.00
post-decrement of NF in awk 0.00
If/Else Statement issue +0.30
rgb to hex return wrong value when giving rgb(1,2,3) in c -2.57
python creating a list of dictionaries which is separated by minute... +0.32
print line space from a list in python 0.00
Looking for clarification on 'map' in Racket +0.20
mySQL - KEY and FOREIGN KEY keywords -0.39
Password_verify is not verifying the hash in the database -1.83
Shell script condition refactoring +0.89
How to remove a jquery UI element without removing elements? 0.00
Generate a password from SHA3-512 hash value 0.00
playing sound on if statement 0.00
Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE Syntax error or access violation 0.00
Shuffle List of lists containing string 0.00
Add setTimeout to event listener +0.30
Show value of select option in html 0.00
Why are all dictionary key values being updated instead of just the... 0.00
Pushing only uniqure elements in an array javscript -0.71
How to eliminate redundancy using a function (def)? +0.28
Pop function displaying entire list 0.00
Programmatically picking an inequality operator +0.30
Python: NameError when trying to print a previously defined variabl... -2.46
Adding data from a list of lists into its own row of a dataframe -2.71