An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Joey Adams

1536.99 (13,413th)
29,516 (4,167th)
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Title Δ
EWS managed-api gets 500 Internal Server Error when creating stream... -0.05
Visual Studio 2019 Compare View ScrollBar 0.00
How can I reduce the stack frame of a deeply recursive function in C? -0.44
Format a DateTime using a Microsoft Word date picker content contro... -1.72
How to cleanly define a Haskell module containing functions with a... -1.98
Parsec: line continuation trouble -1.81
an error occurs after GetQueuedCompletionStatus returns, error numb... 0.00
Selective send on TChan? 0.00
What does void casting do? 0.00
What are the alternatives for accomplishing this same task? +0.41
Rotate Image .pbm Haskell +0.49
How do you go about implementing a interpreter(in Haskell) for a si... -1.29
Casting to a different type each loop iteration -1.67
how do I split a string into array of string? +0.69
Evaluate a string as PHP code? +0.12
Is there a way to optimise an array of subquery in a SQL select? -0.26
Software transactional memory with a big, shared piece of data -0.04
how to lift find to use a -> IO Bool -0.09
Finding the position of a value in PostgreSQL arrays 0.00
in postgres, SQL guidance on using the WITH clause +2.38
Why does nested forever leak memory? 0.00
Generate unique, comparable values -0.17
How to take advantage of Lazy Evaluation with this code? -0.48
How to apply a function to each element of an array column in Postg... +0.95
Haskell obscure file path operations (simplify away the dots) -2.06
Removing character from array using strchr, does not return right v... +1.70
call function using if statement +0.32
How to debug a multi-threaded program that only deadlocks as a stan... -0.99
Number distribution +0.48
Unexpected error with conditional operator +1.37
Convert string of whitespace separated numbers in a string into int... +0.45
Making stdin non-blocking +0.59
How to tell if a downstream process in a Unix pipe has crashed +2.22
How to use Git for updating my directory and other contents? -1.38
What's the prefered way of running batch SQL script from PHP (Kohan... 0.00
Haskell Static vs Dynamic Linking in Deployment 0.00
How can I tell which libstdc++ double-conversion wants? +0.17
What happens if an Enumerator tries to consume input? +0.44
C - Serve many clients with each server thread 0.00
How to implement this function in Haskell -0.45
Division in Haskell 0.00
Why does my PostgreSQL C function crash? +2.31
Parameterize set-returning function with column in the same query 0.00
How to merge remote master to local branch +0.43
Write a PHP script that generates the numbers 1 through 10 in a ver... +0.18
How can I disable the back button on Android? 0.00
PostgreSQL issue: could not access file "$libdir/plpgsql"... 0.00
Best way to convert whole file to lowercase in C +1.16
AVL tree dictionary 0.00
Error while importing some PostgreSQL data via PHP +1.90