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Tan Yi Jing

1478.40 (4,502,321st)
305 (407,166th)
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Title Δ
MySQL returned values are not formatted (PHP) 0.00
How do you create a program that will remove from the 2nd character... -3.44
Site doesn’t put .php after link 0.00
Str_replace inside mutlidimensional array -3.41
How do I fix this undefined array key? -3.87
Reverse the array in php -3.97
Hello how can i use javascript to open another html 0.00
Is there a way in Java to set a value of a variable in one class an... -0.02
How Do I Get Image Src Attribute? -1.45
Using map function to transform an item in a list -4.03
Countdown Clock Synchronized With Time of Day 0.00
Bootstrap file select fields not updating after file selected 0.00
Javascript - page with 30+ embedded youtube videos - load iframe on... 0.00
Add a reverse of a typewriter effect? 0.00
How to arrange multiple files size into single HTML card? 0.00
Display/Hide a HTML text when pressed a span +1.02
is it possible to download material icons css file? -0.01
How to create menu like with animation scale? +0.03
Font background color not working properly -1.42
Check if a string is HTML code or random characters 0.00
HTML Tags for collapsible dropdown 0.00
function stops when fetch() fails +4.13
iter_swap yields wrong result -1.47
Is there a way to detect whether my Android TV remote has a microph... 0.00
Python - How to check wordpress site version +0.03
command not found in terminal of mac 0.00
detecting when iframe fails to load / custom 404 document 0.00
C++ compiler throws error on dynamic array with default values 0.00
Angular JS promise not returning value -3.68
How to remove style attribute added with jquery -0.05