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Rating Stats for

Joseph Mansfield

1706.23 (125th)
90,423 (866th)
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Title Δ
How do using namespace behave exactly? +0.23
Iterate a 1D collection of arrays +0.23
Keeping a pointer to the previous loop value? -0.71
Returning by value to rvalue reference -2.13
static pointers and other curious stuff -2.25
c++14 value initialization issue +1.20
Changing global variables in functions -1.19
Multi-dimensional arrays in C +1.05
Listing full commit history of a particular file 0.00
A fast way to set values of a 2d vector to 0 +0.56
Dynamically allocate memory for character array according to the si... +1.33
How do pointers work +0.69
how to overload unary / operator? 0.00
Should I store constructor argument by value or by pointer? +0.53
Write a larger object over returned pointer 0.00
Unformatted/Formatted input 0.00
Declare and initialize vector in header (also, other STL containers) +1.12
Dealing with Pointers in C++ 0.00
Why does while(std::ifstream >> s) work? -0.39
C++11 strange behavior with classes, pointers and global scope decl... 0.00
C++ Trying to make a game, having trouble returning a function'... 0.00
Should I apply RAII to all arrays I allocated? -1.63
Implementing Merge Sort -1.06
Pointer pointing to an element in a vector gets set to NULL when th... 0.00
Calling constructor for an array of objects in another constructor -0.26
C++ : getline() function does not include last character/string whe... +0.94
Why does it seem that g++ is mixing up data types? 0.00
Overloading of the =operator 0.00
Fetch data from website real time 0.00
C++ Size of std::vector Contiguous Section -2.70
Comparing two double value but result are strange 0.00
How to add char*/convert to std::vector<uint8_t[]> 0.00
LNK2005 (already defined) can't find error 0.00
C++ template error "Undefined reference to" and "Exp... 0.00
swap character variables using pointers +1.15
passing reference argument to value argument 0.00
Is there a way to check if std::random_device is in fact random? +0.86
why we can't initialize static variable in constructor initiali... -0.33
character and array 0.00
Program terminates in initialization of large array +0.51
C++ - Arrays of Pointers, why is it declared this way? -0.91
I can't create proper std::vector in c++ 0.00
Error in Passing 2d array as function argument in C++ +0.54
Meaning of a few lines in C++ 0.00
Passing pointers as a parameter in C++ rather than using this pointer +0.22
Vim omnicppcomplete 'using namespace' issue 0.00
Does set<vector<int> > have to define compare function? 0.00
Using new to create new storage and returning a reference 0.00
template argument deduction for const argument +0.94
When move constructor are called +0.23