An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1531.62 (17,145th)
28,550 (4,362nd)
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Title Δ
Can FLOAT types be truncated in MySQL stored functions? 0.00
Unable to satisfy requirements when specifying version in podfile +0.46
Python error: sqlite3.OperationalError: no such table: config 0.00
How to do a reinterpret_cast with Obj-C? +2.42
`find <dir> type -f` Equivalent for Swift-Cocoa? +1.68
Why do we need to install a kit (JDK) to start programming in Java -0.49
Terminal display of input goes out of sync while/after using python... +1.14
Cant see the contents of the database mysql. use JSP/JDBC 0.00
getting SAXParseException not well-formed (invalid token), unable t... 0.00
How to make kivy use specific version of python on OS X? 0.00
iOS: Proper way of initializing an object? +1.86
clang not detecing c++ headers on OS X -0.04
Is only swift language is enough to develop Iphone app or Object C... +0.47
Command works in shell but not Objective-C or C 0.00
Why am I allowed to set the value of an NSNumber to true/false in S... -0.47
Compiler error for function return with value set inside of if stat... -0.04
Reading environment/shell variables 0.00
adding libz.1.2.3.dylib vs libz.1.1.3.dylib or libz.1.2.5.dylib 0.00
How to test your query first before running it sql server +0.70
Optional Parameters, certain combination of them required +1.06
Make changes to Xcode project templates 0.00
Multiprocessing program - Not Executing in parallel -1.69
Easy way to pass all environment variables from file to a program o... 0.00
Objective-C notation - UINavigationBar +0.51
Django Install Wierdness - Mac OSX 10.8.5 and Macport Python 2.7.6... -0.54
Default compiler from llvm-clang to llvm-gcc42 (command line) +0.47
Python - No pip when creating a virtual enviroment 0.00
How to import C++ header file, from static library, into Obj-C? -0.05
Note 961: Violates MISRA 2004 Advisory Rule 12.6, boolean expressio... +0.47
byte[] length from LargeInteger.bitLength() 0.00
copied the jdk to /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/ next to the de... 0.00
Know how many entries a key has in a dictionary +1.35
Expected identifier or "(" on Xcode 0.00
struct in header file not recognized +1.04
OS X Development And Dylibs 0.00
Linking libusb in Mac OS X +0.47
Is it possible to add static typing in a class? +0.37
pyodbc insert into sql 0.00
Junit test cases - execute a specific test case first +0.34
Flask installation doesn't work properly -0.03
how to view content of static library in Xcode? -0.53
How to Write a File to the Root Directory of a Zip File in Python 0.00
Joins between two tables generating Cartesian product -2.13
How to link a header and a translation file? +2.42
Glitch initialising matrix in C +1.78
Alternative to /Users/MyUsername/Pictures/pic.jpg 0.00
Select rows based on grouping in same table +2.77
xcode fails to recognise @property but it is correct +2.09
Python methods in a class +0.96
Batch script - Run exe program one after another 0.00