An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1490.99 (4,399,656th)
287 (418,078th)
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Title Δ
Select row from table in Selenium based on certain text/values 0.00
How to update my list of dictionary with nested for loops? -1.21
Get text from <strong> Selenium (Python) 0.00
How to put new_value in the appropriate place in a list in so that... -1.27
Selenium on Twitter for user information: no such elements +0.00
XPath to select all paragraphs between two headers? -2.85
how to text to dictionary text file into a dictionary where the key... +0.07
How could I write a function to find fractional ranking of a list o... -0.04
Why Python Selenium click button doesnt work on Amazon 0.00
Getting values from nested dictionary [values are in nested form] -3.89
How to find item between two items in list? -2.66
Python Selenium datepicker does not click and timeout 0.00
Extracting cookies using Selenium (Python) from an iFrame 0.00
Differences in behavior after passing arguments to function in Python -0.07
How to print a True/False list for Prime numbers with Indexes in Py... +4.04
how to merge two list without including the element common in both... -1.46
Reformatting json using python +4.20
Browsing context has been discarded error sending text input inside... +0.10
Scrape Javascript OnClick button with Selenium 0.00
How to check if a word or group of words exist in given list of str... -3.91
Python access nested list -0.06
Selenium & Python: Finding elements with dynamic XPATH 0.00