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Jonathan Leffler

1653.34 (459th)
385,703 (20th)
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Title Δ
C - Convert array of elements into 2-d matrix -0.88
Adjust Makefile to only recompile files if they have changed +0.29
sys/stat.h:456: error: nested function 'stat' declared '... 0.00
How can I have multiple definitions of main? +2.02
Macro #define function syntax got "Expected expression before... -0.21
using lock and copy on thread-unsafe function -0.21
Function like pipe(3) but returns FILE * +1.19
C align columns w/ printf() w/ exactly 2 spaces after each column +0.26
Are goto statements inevitable in this C code? -0.63
How memory is shared between threads in C +0.98
Does the C language specify a stack? 0.00
Why Input functions cannot follow output functions or vice versa in... 0.00
Telugu Anu Script Text 0.00
How To Avoid Abort Trap 6 Error at Runtime Using strncat()? +0.30
Print Right aligned # stair case using single for loop -2.50
Implement variadic arguments checking for custom string formatting... 0.00
Issue with fwrite and fread in sequence 0.00
reduce nonlinear analog value to digital outputs 0.00
Can we alter the dbspace of a informix table? 0.00
how to exclude rows that have duplicates? (Remove) -0.22
How can I delete a string from a list using a function? 0.00
Is it correct to send signals from child processes and receive in t... 0.00
Sorting structures with qsort and void pointer issues 0.00
Why should not we put definition to headers? 0.00
Two processes in C reading from the same file problem +0.98
Is casting incomplete struct pointers undefined behavior? 0.00
About CS50 pset2 vigenere -0.24
How fork and pid (if (pid != 0)) work in this code? +1.11
How to recover stdin overwritten by dup2? 0.00
How to create a table with a BLOB datatype column in informix? 0.00
Is there an easier way to "git init" multiple folders int... -0.48
Inner join, sql confused +0.30
Why does this C program not print anything? -2.49
Is it possible to define multiple 'names' in Flex/Lex? 0.00
C getline continuing to take input after newline 0.00
Access struct field within another struct without referring to inne... +0.69
Launching multiple bash scripts as separate jobs -3.08
Sorting 2D array in C 0.00
Why was default SIGPIPE handler changed? +1.20
Unix command to find lines in one file with key not found in anothe... 0.00
C - Threads generating same random value 0.00
Checking for special characters in string (in C) 0.00
How to tell if FILE* is referring to a directory? +0.30
Reading from child pipe after Fork gets stuck in the read loop in a... 0.00
Matrix inside another matrix -0.20
p is a pointer to a structure, what do all these code snippets do? +0.18
Suggestion for multi if factoring 0.00
Why child process is waiting while using fork and pipes for stdin f... 0.00
Pipe between children 0.00
Synchronising N sibling processes after fork 0.00