An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jonathan Leffler

1664.46 (372nd)
712,787 (27th)
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Title Δ
using malloc with a float variable in struct -0.75
C contiguous data arrays -1.95
Using getline along with dynamic storage +1.74
How to implement protected access modifier for struct in C +0.25
How to delete last character from output in c -0.18
Interpolate 3 x (4 bits) values at once stored in a 2-byte variable 0.00
Eliminating buffer overflow in freads (C) +1.42
Iterating an MDA in C 0.00
Trouble reading file into 2d array with getc 0.00
Sed working from the command line but not within a Python script +0.28
Unable to pass variable in Informix 0.00
Use sed to replace multiple special characters -0.21
change the values of const variable and static const variable in c... 0.00
Unknown type name 'ssize_t' +0.01
In C, is a global pointer initialized by malloc() in the data segme... -1.30
passing argument 1 of 'strcmp' makes pointer from integer w... 0.00
C program syntax +1.11
Is array[x, y] a valid C expression? 0.00
Does starting parenthesis in Bash case statement have meaning? +0.28
Getting "java.sql.SQLException:Transactions not supported"... +0.04
Transaction with "try/catch" with rollback in IBM Informi... 0.00
regex - squeeze spaces and remove dots in the names -0.89
Using command sed but getting error every time 0.00
Global Replace Email Address With Perl 0.00
Parse command output to a variable with file descriptors 0.00
Why is this struct type "incomplete," and is it really so... +2.02
c Dynamic allocation of struct array 0.00
how to reduce multiple OR conditions in if statement in c language 0.00
Calculate number of days elapsed from epoch - formula based +1.20
C - Read pairs of integers from file 0.00
Bash script to move screen shots from desktop to folder -2.68
What is the use of a pointer to function as shown in K&R example +0.93
I want to convert Integer into hh:mm:ss format in Informix database 0.00
Does EOF from fputc always mean ferror returns true? +1.52
How not to interrupt the execution of the loop in case of errors an... 0.00
How to remove n-numbers of characters after a certain pattern using... -0.73
Split a string into token in C 0.00
Problem in loop implementation concerning matrices 0.00
Why does the Informix 4GL compiler complain about unknown option -f... 0.00
Adding users from txt file 0.00
Generic linked list print and add by value in C +0.50
Can I delete a field in awk? +0.20
Does fgets store a newline or just \0? +0.30
Issue with joins — would someone please explain to me what I am doi... 0.00
Errors in valgrind when reading a file - C +0.28
How to send data from multiple child process to a parent array usin... 0.00
Loop over different directories and change of file name 0.00
Using AWK or SED, add line with semicolon in it before regexp +0.39
Which socket descriptor receives the data if multiple connections s... 0.00
My function is being skipped over and I cannot tell why 0.00