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Jonathan Leffler

1654.03 (457th)
570,354 (22nd)
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Title Δ
How are integers stored in the binary after compilation? 0.00
Reading comma separated numbers (coordinates) from a text file in C 0.00
C Reading a file of digits separated by commas +0.71
Opaque structure with flexible array member +0.04
Why do these two commands give different gcc versions on my Mac? 0.00
Can I use `va_list` twice as following: -1.29
Minimal sum of sums in C -0.71
Why do I keep getting segmentation fault in my C program 0.00
Type punning a positive signed integer into an unsigned (and vice v... 0.00
If free() is called inside a function, does it only free locally? 0.00
How to sort an array that includes NaN's C +0.29
Valgrind does not send the output to the file 0.00
Arp Scan results to delimited file with pipe delimiter -1.75
Creating n children each with their own pipe 0.00
Keep receiving "too many initializers" error +0.56
awk selective page numbering for print +0.96
Print binary tree 0.00
getsockopt api design questions +0.29
Starting point of a circular linked list 0.00
Will a descriptor that has been closed before being put in a fd_set... -2.37
Return variable struct members +2.10
Why scanf can read more than 1024 character while stdin stream buff... 0.00
Integer to Vigesimal String -0.46
"too many braces around scalar initializer" error when us... 0.00
Error traversing and printing singly linked list in C -0.12
Expected Expression Error when Calling a Function in C 0.00
C - using fgets() to populate structure array iterated through a lo... 0.00
Multiple 1-to-1 pipes in C 0.00
C language isMagicsquare function: What logic error is in my functi... -0.71
Scanf function stops after newline and reads just a small part of i... -0.55
freed BST but still getting memory leak C 0.00
Does C99 mandate a `int64_t` type be available, always? -1.93
sed command for substituting string with / characters +0.29
Perl/Sed command to replace same pattern multiple times +1.68
Why does the asm code function in C, takes more time than the c cod... +1.67
reopen a directory using openat -1.46
Find which file was used by an include directive 0.00
Why use different identifiers when typedefing structs? 0.00
How to create a polynomial function from three inputs in a C functi... 0.00
Duplicating file descriptor and seeking through both of them indepe... -1.62
How to allocate memory and fill struct with pointer to bidimensiona... -0.78
Process substitution broken by a pipe +1.07
What is the excess-65 exponent format? 0.00
Clean way to add elements to fixed length array and removing the fi... 0.00
Code with nested struct — what's the right way to allocate memo... 0.00
Why does this code give warning: format '%s' expects type &... -0.21
Challenging Recursion Question - Tree Nodes Representing Processes 0.00
How to make a column not null, and yet it does need to be null when... +0.67
Linearly interpolate from one speed to the other based on percentage -0.21
how to use a simple statement to describe repeated format specifier... -0.40