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Jonathan Leffler

1656.00 (456th)
598,244 (23rd)
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Title Δ
Python: [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver]Invalid string or buffer le... 0.00
fread() reading too much data 0.00
Using pipes to redirect the output from 'seq' to the input... 0.00
Transform number of seconds in (Date)Time format 'mm:ss' in... 0.00
.sh file cannot open file with "." command 0.00
C fork() and pipe(): process get stuck reading pipe? 0.00
UTF-16 Encoding - Why using complex surrogate pairs? 0.00
Binary tree - finding K smallest elements 0.00
Unable to run cat command in CentOS (argument list too long) 0.00
Pass data from child to parent process without pipe 0.00
Tips with fread 0.00
C Program with fork and pipe 0.00
Is there any compiler where strcmp() returns values other than -1 0... 0.00
Makefile doesn't "stack" my output in a .txt file 0.00
Embedding any file into gcc compiled program and accessing it insid... 0.00
File reading problem (using GCC on Linux and Cygwin) 0.00
"Permission Denied" when creating a folder in tmp directory 0.00
Only certain palindromes get written to file 0.00
Why does glibc store the return value of a system call into errno 0.00
Number Pyramid in C 0.00
Share variables between functions in C99 0.00
pipe operator between two blocks 0.00
Parsing string with sscanf that has a string in it 0.00
How to force static library to include it dependencies? 0.00
Segmentation fault when I use afl fuzzer 0.00
Why should we use return statement when using a recursive call? 0.00
In eclipse treat macro redefinition as an error rather than a warning 0.00
Shall I use register class variables in modern C programs? 0.00
Ubuntu-Daemon does not create file 0.00
writing to external program through pipe (C) 0.00
External definition of an object declared with external linkage 0.00
converting Big endian to little endian in c. warning:return from in... 0.00
How do you differentiate between the end of file and an error using... 0.00
Get the future timespec of the current time 0.00
C in printing function mutex does not work properly 0.00
Why doesn't kernel clear the memory allocated by second malloc... 0.00
How can I clean a file descriptor after writing into a file with du... 0.00
How to create one static library from several others static librari... 0.00
Problem with struct when I split the functions from main 0.00
getting error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' bef... 0.00
Can I tell gcc/g++ on warn on missing header guards? 0.00
SQL Server aggregate functions issue 0.00
sed how to replace the regex string 0.00
Assigning a variable in a shell script for use outside of the script 0.00
What happen when multiple scanf()s are included in a single for loop 0.00
if local variable not initialized, code runs error 0.00
Informix cast varchar to byte 0.00
Skip a Trigger for a Specific User in Informix 0.00
SED: How to search for word "tokens" on consecutive lines... 0.00
Why dereference a reference in C? Using & next to * 0.00