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Jonathan Leffler

1650.71 (512th)
592,453 (22nd)
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Title Δ
How can I fix Address boundary error in C? 0.00
Combining multiple awk output statements into one line 0.00
Pipe "bad address" on pipe open 0.00
Getting the offset from sscanf while reading a string in a loop in C 0.00
C - Include only specific function -0.20
Error: *(int **,int,int,int)' differs in levels of indirection... 0.00
How does this code find duplicate characters in a string? 0.00
How to find the available POSIX system calls api list for my Linux? 0.00
Error in switch case, a label can only be part of a statment and a... 0.00
How can you clean an entire POSIX tree with only POSIX functions? +1.17
Sed replace regex with regex +1.14
Force flush or read unflushed output -2.50
Understanding different styles of #defines in c 0.00
Non delimited file on delimited file -0.62
Selecting from Stored Procedures and Storing SP Results into a Table -0.69
zsh: argument list too long: sudo 0.00
Transforming an Informix query to Oracle? -0.75
What does it mean to 'add an index to an archive file'? 0.00
Finding min and max temperature in FILE, c language +0.67
How to convert a date format: 2019-08-22 16:16:08] to the format: a... 0.00
C: how can I fail to compile when -Wswitch is off? +1.45
passing argument 1 of ‘strcmp’ makes pointer from integer without a... +0.29
Signed Char Decimal to Hexadecimal Conversion in C programming +0.36
How to correctly print a 2.30 fixed point variable -0.65
Is there a way to canonicalize file path of a non-existing file? 0.00
How to print \n in windows? 0.00
strncat undefined behaviour on particular number 0.00
Why does pthread_join fail on the last iteration (giving segmentati... +0.49
Iterating over a list of possible signals -1.84
How to get last 90 days data from today 0.00
Using srand() within a function 0.00
sed: capturing a recurring regex group that happens to be optional +0.53
Is there a way to loop through multiple structs, like through an ar... 0.00
Looping through and comparing subsets of arrays +0.29
Is there an alternative way to express whole line $0 in awk? -2.08
C - Read file line by line 0.00
Function's parameter that is a pointer to an argument that was... 0.00
Why does the notation variable:=$(command args) generate a 'fil... 0.00
why print 'hello' three times in my centos? +0.30
ar: not keeping file modification times 0.00
Can I use scalar initialization in a struct whose member is a point... 0.00
How to fix "incompatible type" error in C? +1.43
How do you use scanf() or scanf_s() to ask the user for a string of... 0.00
What does the name _headerfile_h mean +2.13
What is the reason for this output while creating a child process? 0.00
C binary message over amqp 0.00
Where do I place a C library for use on Windows, Mac, and Linux -0.20
Reading a CSV file in C using fgets and strtok only reads first col... 0.00
Read fixed size register with spaces from file -2.50
How does Linux system handle CRLF in a file? +0.70