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Jonathan Leffler

1654.04 (455th)
582,905 (22nd)
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Title Δ
write custom n bits of data in a new binary file 0.00
Multiple includes of header only library causing redefinition errors 0.00
Bison: How $ variables ($1 $2 etc) work with non-tokens? 0.00
Copy with string to linked list doesn't work 0.00
C - strcmp() with formatted strings 0.00
select column data which is datetime hour to minute into integer an... 0.00
Informix today operator 0.00
memset_s(): What does the standard mean with this piece of text? 0.00
Are references across .o files resolved when building a static libr... 0.00
How to find connected cells with same value in an array 0.00
'Missing name for redirect.' error in while running command... 0.00
C Detect fault in popen child process 0.00
What happens when a thread calls longjmp() in c 0.00
Union with anonymous struct with flexible array member 0.00
Informix SQL query with a join on a date in a certain range 0.00
Allocate memory for dynamic array of structures inside a structure... 0.00
sed: Given filename w/ absolute path, do replacement only on filena... 0.00
Is there any inbuilt function in C to check for special characters... 0.00
Is there any user level privilege in Informix? 0.00
Calling function that stores integers in an array in C 0.00
Deadlock when using fork, exec and pipes in a parallel environment 0.00
How to chunk shell script input by time, not by size? 0.00
Variables conflict between Makefile and C code 0.00
C - Printing elements of a 2d array inside a struct array 0.00
Why does `assert` macro have value even with `NDEBUG`? 0.00
To which degree does the C preprocessor regard integer literal suff... 0.00
what is the unique id of informix temp table? 0.00
How do I restrict user from inputting non-numeric characters? 0.00
How to sort this CSV file by date with the Unix sort command? 0.00
Pipeline bash commands echo and bc into a C program 0.00
Access to bash local variable in c 0.00
Why is this dynamic char array not getting correct inputs in C? 0.00
How to use printf so that zeros are printed with decimals 0.00
Double Ended Queue, Call by Reference (Create Header) 0.00
Dynamically allocate C struct and access members based on the struc... 0.00
How to write common functions for reusing in C 0.00
Scanf in while loop not able to input anything 0.00
communication between father and child dup() 0.00
How to store multiple value of printf in a variable? 0.00
To use strcpy or not 0.00
"How to use scanf with pointer(arrays) inside function" 0.00
C implementation of quick sort produces garbage value at arr[0] 0.00
Variable declaration at the end of typedef structure definition 0.00
how to cast void* to int[][3] 0.00
How to replace a multi-character character constant with one charac... 0.00
If clauses not working as expected in Unix 0.00
Where is this Regex expression not closed in sed (apostrophe parent... 0.00
Access permissions in named pipes 0.00
Is this database model less efficient? 0.00
Using a loop to run a program n amount of times 0.00