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Jonathan Leffler

1654.04 (455th)
578,579 (22nd)
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Title Δ
communication between father and child dup() 0.00
How to store multiple value of printf in a variable? 0.00
To use strcpy or not 0.00
"How to use scanf with pointer(arrays) inside function" 0.00
C implementation of quick sort produces garbage value at arr[0] 0.00
Variable declaration at the end of typedef structure definition 0.00
how to cast void* to int[][3] 0.00
How to replace a multi-character character constant with one charac... 0.00
If clauses not working as expected in Unix 0.00
Where is this Regex expression not closed in sed (apostrophe parent... 0.00
Access permissions in named pipes 0.00
Is this database model less efficient? 0.00
Using a loop to run a program n amount of times 0.00
Issues piping with C. Could an extra process be executing? 0.00
Dynamically indexing an array in C 0.00
Creation of child processes in C 0.00
How I do read a file from end to start with C threads? 0.00
What is the difference between Informix server and Informix SE? 0.00
C4996 'scanf': This function or variable may be unsafe. Con... 0.00
Is "!ERROR" return code convention normal in C? 0.00
How to use sscanf to read a line of csv with continue comma 0.00
How to prevent line breaks in long text value returned from an Info... 0.00
why can't printf a complex number when passing it from fortran... 0.00
Thread created but doesn't work accordingly 0.00
Why does /bin/sh hang when ran via execl on this particular script? 0.00
Speed up SQL query for Informix? 0.00
How to execute an Informix ISQL query with a join 0.00
using group by and aggregate function 0.00
Program not waiting for text input 0.00
sharing a dynamically populated array between two files in C 0.00
In which versions of the C standard are variable length arrays not... 0.00
Random char matrix only using pointers 0.00
bsearch() always returning null pointer 0.00
Pragma in included C file 0.00
After sending a pointer to an external function to make it null, it... 0.00
Implementing a Shell in C: Output redirection is writing output fil... 0.00
Pre-Standard C Function Header Syntax After Explicit Forward-Declar... 0.00
Variadic function does not pass the first argument correctly 0.00
Sigaction declaration in functions 0.00
How to know what causes constraint failure during inserting enrties... 0.00
Informix FROM_UNIXTIME alternative 0.00
Declaring enum in function signature as return status 0.00
Problem with rand%100 for random number generation in C 0.00
The scanf 'maximum field width' includes whitespace? 0.00
Reliable way to create temporary directory 0.00
Why does program hang on child to parent communication? 0.00
Is there a way that a crashed Informix Trigger can write out a log? 0.00
Anyone know what type of normal form this table is 0.00
int or char? which is faster? 0.00
How to make C library installable with angle brackets as <mylib.... 0.00