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Jonathan Leffler

1659.45 (432nd)
638,724 (24th)
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Title Δ
Having trouble connecting multiple pipes together 0.00
What is this bash parameter expansion syntax? 0.00
using the pipe and word count (wc) then dress the result 0.00
sed line number specific substitution changes every pattern on usin... 0.00
What does incompatible pointer to integer mean? 0.00
For loop in c returning wrong value 0.00
Copy a string on a structure element in C 0.00
Shell: Expand $HOME from regular file 0.00
Informix SQL 11.5 Put the title on the columns of an unloaded file 0.00
invalid old size from function 0.00
Default argument promotion in a variadic function 0.00
SQL Error [IX000]: Column (t) not found in any table in the query (... 0.00
Grep not working for strings with numbers and spaces 0.00
sed, insert whitespace before first number but only if whitespace i... 0.00
sort elements in array that are greater than n in ascending order a... 0.00
Bash Command Works on Mac OS but not on Ubuntu 20.4 0.00
how to lock a file so that other process cannot cat it? 0.00
Initialize C struct vs assign members 0.00
Valgrind leak of memory in a function that concatenates strings 0.00
Is sizeof(long) == sizeof(void*)? 0.00
pyodbc informix getting blank select with >1 variable 0.00
Difference between EIDRM and EINVAL errno from semop call 0.00
trouble to exec more than 2 pipes in a linux shell simulator (c) 0.00
Expression must be a pointer to a complete object type, why do I ge... 0.00
passing bash array separated by comma 0.00
Why isn't my use of ncurses alternative charset working properly? 0.00
How to set the SUID bit to grant root privileges? 0.00
Use Awk to sum all cells in a csv 0.00
Are the "C mock tests" at tutorialspoint correct? 0.00
Can't debug using Informix 4GL Interactive Debugger 0.00
How do you use shell I/O redirection to pass in arguments into Perl... +2.09
How to read a file that was fseeked? 0.00
How to update shared library file 0.00
Error in the sentence "unload" using Informix 0.00
dup2() is blocking with child processes? C 0.00
Why do I get the error malloc(): invalid size (unsorted)? 0.00
Refreshing variable just before invoking it? 0.00
Connect to Informix without an entry in /etc/services (matching sql... 0.00
How to select the higher value from group of random letters with In... 0.00
splitting a string using strtok() -0.43
Signed integer promote to unsigned long 0.00
why scanf doesn't read zero -0.31
Concatenate output of multiple commands and use them as input to an... -0.70
What happens to the unspecified arguments in function()? +2.09
Getting an issue reading a txt file in C 0.00
How to avoid passing "redundant" arguments in function? 0.00
Is the FILE struct consistent between operating systems and archite... 0.00
Bison Flex compiler returning "" file not found er... +1.43
Variable with Spaces Passed as Argument in Bash Script 0.00
How strcpy changes the value of string +1.33