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Jonathan Leffler

1653.78 (494th)
626,047 (24th)
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Title Δ
What is the use of sigsetjmp() return value? 0.00
Declaring an array with variable length in C 0.00
How do I make sure that my default C/C++ compiler is GCC 0.00
Write to file descriptor and immediately read from it 0.00
Print lines around position in the file 0.00
Buggy in 1 variation of program to find height of binary search tree 0.00
why the char buffer content size is 4 bytes? 0.00
BST; the sum of BST elements which are greater then the sum of thei... 0.00
C floating point exception error . . . on a formula for calculating... 0.00
bash: sorting based on numerical distance 0.00
Strings Based on Variables 0.00
Zombies stacking & Shell won't print after pipe command in... 0.00
How does linking work in C with regards to opaque pointers? 0.00
How to remove the username/hostname line from an output on Korn She... 0.00
Pipes from process to dynamic list of grandchildren processes 0.00
clang 'linker' input unused 0.00
Generating constant via preprocessor macros 0.00
Use of macro overrides for functions +0.97
Pragma reordered by cpp 0.00
GNU sed and newlines with multiple scripts +0.82
Sorting files based on their filetype 0.00
C saving files as `'filename'$'\n'` with `fopen(fil... 0.00
Adding text output to Informix 0.00
Using sed command in C file 0.00
Unable to see padding -1.86
gettimeofday() - Why use both seconds and microseconds? +0.18
read a csv file and calculate the balance for a simple banking syst... 0.00
How do I interpret "waitpid function doesn't wait for the... 0.00
How to find out when was the last access to files of system? 0.00
Is there any way in C to know how many processes there are with the... 0.00
How to measure the execution time of C math.h library functions? -0.16
If a C program executing as root executes another binary by calling... 0.00
Do all functions from a static library get linked into the final ex... 0.00
Linked lists with complex nested structs incompatible pointer error 0.00
sed/grep - display 1st and 5th column, remove comma in 5th column a... +0.33
Script size passed to Informix via ODBC 0.00
Trying to get a subset based on row and column of a matrix with C 0.00
Do signal handlers need to be reset on each call in C? -1.00
Given a day of the year, how would I convert it into date/month for... 0.00
Split C string by non-alpha characters -0.45
Converting HeapSort and ShellSort from C to Pascal 0.00
How to use sed to remove ./ between two characters in Unix shell +0.28
Variable img is both not defined and unused — why is that? +0.29
C : Processing the columns of a 2D array +0.29
Reading From One Child Process Blocks Other Children 0.00
array bound is not an integer constant before ']' token whe... +0.29
onstat -g dis shows 2 servers incorrectly in informix server 0.00
Can You check where I have my error in implementing Recursive merge... 0.00
Makefile for minimizing steps when changing files 0.00
Can a function pointer type that takes no arguments and returns voi... 0.00