An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1608.40 (1,454th)
29,315 (4,203rd)
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Title Δ
Insert Statement not working, undefined variable -0.59
PHP _GET values in an array +0.35
While statement skips fist row -0.18
php not getting key and value from generated url -0.50
Limit file name before uploading to server in PHP, HTML and Javascr... 0.00
How can I select part of txt file with a bash script? -0.31
Make an array divisible by n? +1.18
I'm trying to settle dynamic title for any page equal to search... 0.00
Unexpected string.replace() result +1.08
Hiding Javascript for puzzle game +0.72
Filter an array based on an object property +1.58
how can I retrieve the hashed password from mySql database with php? +0.35
String to Multidimensional Array with merging and sorting +0.38
Iterate PHP Array of files and delete any files that have no content +1.44
How do I get the absolute value of an integer without using Math.abs? +0.30
MySQL: Count same entries per day 0.00
Html Entities in <a href= +0.34
Removed JavaScript is still executable -0.08
How do I add line breaks to my array output? -0.14
PHP int to longer string for use with qrcode -0.41
What do two plus signs in a git diff mean? -0.64
PHP framework work flow +0.32
What is CakePHP's bootstrap.php file? -0.16
Paypal REST API Return Page +0.36
PHP mysqli_stmt_execute() error 0.00
Split string of folder path -0.91
Checking if number=ONE, TWO, or THREE + Adding if number= Is NOT Set 0.00
MySql - how can you create a unique constraint on a combination of... 0.00
Nesting arrays in javascript -1.28
PHP not renaming uploaded file -0.15
how can i change selected text color using javascript +0.35
How to get average sales of an employee before certain sale in MySQL? -0.31
Get all values of some identifiers with same name in a GET request -0.03
Using arrays with strings with a while loop 0.00
Shortcut for splitting only once in C#? -0.05
2d array wont <br> in javascript -0.12
Select results where equal to multiple numbers 0.00
LEFT OUTER JOIN with count()? +0.36
Contact Form Sending blank Data in PHP +1.21
Regular Expressions only digits +1.10
php array echo out values that contains p1 -0.14
Adding objects by value to array 0.00
Data Comparing in Sql 0.00
how to import mySQL data from one table to another where a specific... 0.00
How to get data referenced in another table in one MySQL query -0.72
Javascript: add value to array while looping that will then also be... +1.65
Calling a php function in the handlebars template +0.33
Check if a value exists in a php array like this? -0.17
Format an array of data, join to a single string, and add the chara... -0.15
Undefined offset on multiple lines +0.88