An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Ryan Bigg

1570.70 (3,972nd)
96,961 (777th)
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Title Δ
Braintree js drop in - unexpected token 0.00
Can i put anything in for x 0.00
how to print current page response when using rspec +0.40
Regex to pull out square brackets in javascript -0.50
Rails - Uniqueness causing "Stack Too Deep" error 0.00
Loop error for multiple conditions +0.36
Uninitialized constant MercadoPago::SDK 0.00
In Rails, my model association with a view is causing a new SELECT... -1.20
How to save the values in diged keys of a hash +0.03
How to display posts for people you follow? 0.00
Taking multiple values in an argument in Clap 0.00
JavaScript seems to convert my variable into its name 0.00
In routes, override scope-defined name from w/in the scope block 0.00
Javascript - how to access a variable defined in the braces of anot... 0.00
Git: How to find commits with given Change-Id? 0.00
Work flow for git after pull request 0.00
awk syntax error: unexpected end of file 0.00
Rails / Multi-Tenancy: Conditional default scope based on a differe... +0.39
How to fix Country-State-Select gem undefined method issue? -0.61
can someone help me find whats wrong with this YAML file for my per... -2.31
Parse ruby hash within script tag in a index.html.erb file -0.75
Got error when trying to Fernet.Ecto.String.dump in test 0.00
How do you use cucumber with zeus? 0.00
Shopify API how to do a search query with like 0.00
Rails App Assets Not Being Loaded on Development Environment -0.11
sql query in the active records Ruby on Rails 0.00
Username as parameter with blacklist validation -2.07
How does "user = users(:michael)" work in Michael Hartl&#... 0.00
Elixir update external var from inside anonymous function 0.00
Elixir testing genserver - Passing parent PID 0.00
How do I read all lines in a file into a tuple? -0.59
Expression type '()' is ambiguous without more context 0.00
rails convert datetime to date within a scope -2.43
friendly_id slugs keep returning nil causing ActiveRecord error +1.70
match route using a splat. What does it do? 0.00
LoadError enc/trans/ 0.00
Why would you declare a variable or function that will never be use... +0.40
Elixir Case vs Similar Syntax Using `receive` +0.41
Field `Struct` in `where` does not exist in the model source in query 0.00
Respond with json format to all formats requests -0.11
Add direct payment option to my website? -0.11
Cannot read property 'trim' of undefined 0.00
How to manage bulk email from a social website. -0.11
Error Heroku: Application Error? 0.00
Empty atom in Ecto changeset 0.00
Ruby sleep(0.05) each character, on all outputs -0.11
Get user coordinates within model 0.00
Can not install json gem with ruby 2.2.3 on Ubuntu -1.10
need an easier way to initialize nested hashes in ruby rather than... +1.59
ActiveRecord::SubclassNotFound in Users#show - debugging in rails? 0.00