An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Konrad Viltersten

1364.97 (4,536,287th)
12,607 (11,605th)
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Title Δ
ASP.NET Core (.NET 5) + Angular 11 = build error on empty project 0.00
Adding headers seems to fail based on the response from server in A... 0.00
How do I pass an object to @Input in Angular app rendering as a sto... +0.66
Executing a file that may reside at two different locations using P... +0.45
Avoiding cyclic cascading with n-to-m relations and a parent in EF... 0.00
Authentication based on JWT token bearer fails under .NET Core 2.2... 0.00
Want to use polymorphism to write C# code -1.33
Calling GET ASP .NET core 2.1 Web API from Angular 6+ client applic... +0.77
Can't run "npm install" without deleting node_modules... +0.18
No styles rendered using Bootstrap for Angular 0.00
Consuming a promise doesn't execute .then() nor .catch() +1.71
How can I compact the code defining the list of validatees and vali... +0.84
How to make one component of two different but similar by passing a... +2.72
VS2017 RC 2 csproj file location +0.69
Where are my globally installed packages? -1.02
Can't install typescript using NPM under Windows -0.31
Register a plugin in CRM 0.00
Correct handling of null +3.00
Index of longest word in a sentence using C# -0.32
C# Windows Forms - Preserving data in dynamically created objects +0.19
Entity updates its columns but not the ones with foreign keys +0.34
Can I use .net with Microsoft Dynamics systems? -0.32
Close WPF window that host Pages 0.00
Regex working when embedded in CSHTML page but not when moved to an... 0.00
C# console window won't show up +0.70
Visual Studio Community 2015 won't sign in. How do I fix this? 0.00
Nested for loops 0123 +0.69
C Sharp GPA Calculator +0.70
After a certain amount of clicks, form should change the color +0.18
How to keep the focus on a WPF desktop application? -0.41
using a class name in another class property.? -0.30
updating jagged array without losing the value in previous rows in C# 0.00
Remember changes made in css +0.70
Copy subarray based on index array -0.42
IF formula not working - Trying to calculate correct shipping costs... +3.09
How to execute code when webpage navigate from one page to another... 0.00
correct way of looping trough a list and remove items +1.11
Visual Studio 2015 doesn't recognize svg, rect, g, circle etc +0.68
How to work with extra int parameter in LINQ Where() -0.88
How to align an image and text vertically in the middle? +1.31
Losing connection when returning entity with navigational propertie... 0.00
Automatical creation of indentity(1,1) but with GUIDs instead of in... 0.00
Can't store users in the default MVC application 0.00
Is there a way to Imitate C# 6 Null-Conditional operator in C# 5 -0.46
Can't specify identity column explicitly BUT ALSO can't lea... +0.21
Find-any-action shortcut Visual Studio 0.00
What's the best way to create a line that starts at a point on... +1.72
C# initialize a dictionary then add to it later -0.58
Find a delimiter of csv or text files in c# +0.71
How to convert Visio document .xml to csv file c# -0.29