An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1621.49 (1,060th)
152,191 (369th)
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Title Δ
How to get number of characters in a text file in C -0.38
cert-manager can use DNS-01 challenge on GKE, with " 0.00
How can I set the "Google Authenticator" code to 4 digits... 0.00
How to start a new http server or using an existing one for pprof? 0.00
What's the difference between `git log -- some_file` and `git l... +0.33
Python: Fast way to read/unpack 12 bit little endian packed data +0.33
char* pointer array not incrementing in C 0.00
Who is "reverent-stonebraker" 0.00
Why does C abstract away sizeof during pointer arithmetic? +0.95
jq - how to select nested objects in a single array -2.71
Where is this state saved? 0.00
Difference between a direct perl hash reference and a hash that is... -0.48
Raku NativeCall to LibX11 screen and display +1.06
Convert 3 Dimensional Numpy Array to 4 Dimensional Numpy Array -1.16
Learning bitwise -1.66
Is it possible to download a single file from specified commits fro... -0.03
How do I decipher an array of hashes? -2.02
How to make sure that all the python **pool.apply_async()** calls a... -2.68
Predicting Fibonacci Using LSTM RNN 0.00
value vs. pointer: is `*x=y` equivalent to `x=&y`? 0.00 not getting installed propely, PeerCertifica... 0.00
How to get rid of Go vet warning % in Println -1.31
what is the collision of rand.Read 0.00
Why I am not getting the same SHA-1? +1.68
Switching to a Remote Repository 0.00
I have a question about the "sed" statement in bash (macOS) -1.89
Is it necessary to close a channel when sending data is finished? 0.00
Is my interpretation of the zero-length matches for the regex `|` c... 0.00
What is Sys() in os.FileInfo? 0.00
Uploading Data into Redis 0.00
Why dereferencing user-space inside get_user is correct? -0.18
Increment Redis counter used as a value only when the key is unique 0.00
Get blob uploaded data with pure Perl 0.00
ffmpeg error with frei0r pixeliz0r filter (Duplicated pixel format) 0.00
difference between range(2,5) and range(2;5) -1.80
How is bash able to kill children processes with CTRL+C 0.00
Undocumented '-c' option for Bash's 'declare'? 0.00
Game of Life implementation doesn't work properly in Python +1.34
Why pixelPos = (y*canvasWidth + x) * 4? 0.00
How to select a "volume" from a numpy array? 0.00
Flutter Error: Unable to find git in you path - Have added all the... 0.00
"Transpose"/"Rotate"/"Flip" JSON elem... -1.14
Why is this 8-puzzle solvable? 0.00
Suppose you have a decimal -12 what is the signed 4 bit representai... 0.00
"Comma expected after operand 1" when defining a series o... 0.00
How to read unicode characters from data source 0.00
Function with 1/2 values and short variable declaration assigned tw... +2.29
Error when getting go package from github 0.00
How to sync a software project between computers? +0.34
CORE::GLOBAL::die redefinition inside BEGIN +1.66