An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1496.62 (4,023,014th)
4,305 (38,817th)
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Title Δ
List with drag and drop to reorder on SwiftUI -0.07
Xcode 8.1 "Provisioning profile doesn't include the aps-en... -1.36
XCode 8 Warning "Instance method nearly matches optional requi... +4.07
Mongoose does not create text index 0.00
Codesign: What are unsealed contents? +4.00
ERROR ITMS-9000: "Redundant Binary Upload. There already exist... -3.36
FileProvider throws exception on GetUriForFile 0.00
Cannot create files on Android with Xamarin -3.87
Codesign verify returns invalid argument +4.44
I saw double chevron in my disclosure indicator. Why and how to fix... 0.00
Including OSXFUSE framework in XCode project 0.00
Script to run .jar file on Mac OS X -3.13
Breakpoints not working in xcode 4 0.00
Xcode: load json link in webview -4.28
Expire a Mac OSX App within a certain timeframe and ask the user to... +3.97
Any text editors for Mac with hotkey PASTE of pre-defined text for... +0.09
How to change the NSSplitView divider thickness to 1px? 0.00
Add 30 days to the date by not taking system date in account in Nsd... 0.00
Mac System Status Bar Focus 0.00
How to have a view resize using Xcode's auto layout 0.00
How To Add A SubViewController In The Middle Of The MainViewControl... 0.00
Including <string> causes 'redefinition' error of std-lib fun... 0.00
Retrieving stored passwords from keychain fails outside XCode 0.00
How to check whether a file is locked in Cocoa? +0.13
NSMutableArray EXEC_BAD_ACCESS on initWithObjects -4.00
How to program a UITableViewCell to briefly blink? 0.00
How to know what Mac OS the app is running on? 0.00
Finder doesn't recognize custom UTI 0.00
How to remove the Default Gloss Icon Effect? 0.00
Passing a char * to a function and getting a return value....Is thi... 0.00
QLPreviewController in Monotouch 0.00
Why does XCode show launch image warnings? 0.00
What is the 'correct' way to identify the currently active applicat... 0.00
cocoa arc4random OS X 10.6 0.00
Are dynamic UTIs stable? 0.00
How do I get the Android tablet emulator to be right-side up? 0.00
Base64 Encode and decode 0.00
Problem in getting stringValue from NSSecureTextField 0.00
How can I set the icon for a Mac Application in Xcode? 0.00
mac version control software? 0.00
unzipping a file in cocoa 0.00
Check if path is folder/bundle/alias in ObjC 0.00
How do I create a Finder alias within an application? 0.00
Wrapping C++ class API for C consumption 0.00
Is PackageMaker considered the standard for Mac OS X software insta... 0.00
How do you programmatically put folder icons on the Finder sidebar,... 0.00