An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Pierre Spring

1492.64 (4,351,048th)
5,780 (28,323rd)
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Title Δ
Use lazysizes to detect when a DOM node enters the viewport +4.03
AVR ATMEL ATMega168 libraries -3.85
SVG not rendering properly as a backbone view 0.00
Touch Friendly Tooltip 0.00
Tree data structure in php -3.26
Ajax: How to prevent jQuery from calling the success event after ex... 0.00
Mac OS X 10.5 Apache and Subversion upgrade alternatives +0.35
debugging php on mac? +4.32
Access an Array Returned by a Function +0.52
ZIP Files get corrupted by IE +4.21
Why does shadowed variable evaluate to undefined when defined in ou... 0.00
PHP SOAP client that understands multi-part messages? -2.63
What is lexical scope? 0.00
If I call a flash function at the same time as a href link will fla... -3.82
DB Design: when should you make a superclass of common attributes? -3.97
xslt, javascript and unescaped html entities +4.35
Keeping dot files synched across machines? +0.38
Is there a php library for email address validation? -3.98
apply-templates in reverse order -3.85
Nodesets Length +2.33
using a html entity in xslt (e.g.  ) +2.14
Dynamically load a JavaScript file +1.15
Accessing html parameter in PHP -3.90
Speed difference in using inline strings vs concatenation in php5? +1.59
How can I determine CodeIgniter speed? -3.95
Can you share your secrets or best practices for Problem Solving? +0.49