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1581.20 (2,835th)
113,117 (599th)
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Title Δ
Is there a more elegant way for undoing type erasure with a "s... 0.00
Add comments to hive tables using pyspark 0.00
C++: Should a tree root use inheritance over composition? 0.00
Deletion of copy-ctor & copy-assignment - public, private or pr... -1.02
Best performance addition modulo 2^32 implemetation 0.00
Does the `new` operator always call the constructor? -0.83
Right way to organize and write exception classes 0.00
How to get a guaranteed invalid iterator (for vector)? 0.00
Is it worth iterating through a file twice to create a minimal data... 0.00
Dynamic array of fixed size array +1.02
How to make algebraic equations simplifier in c++? +0.39
Handling data on wire using unique_ptr 0.00
How avoid std naming conflicts due to Koenig lookup -0.91
C++ not reading in my % Operator (error: no match for 'operator... -0.54
How does static casting from long to double in c++ differ from usin... 0.00
C++11: Is it possible to return a std::initializer_list from a func... 0.00
How to redesign #include <stdio.h> in C 0.00
Trivial default constructor can't be constexpr? -2.38
How is nested template specialization done C++ -1.25
Uses of :: in C++ +0.37
"Minesweeper" in C, trouble on counting surrounding mines... +1.29
Are constant references still best practice in c++11 and later? 0.00
C++: What is semantics of std::function constness? 0.00
what values are allowed for the shift count operation? -1.19
size_t cast of struct non-array member crashes +0.38
Subscript a std::list +1.25
Is out-of-line sfinae on template member functions possible? +1.60
Can we represent a++ + ++a + a++ as an expression tree? -0.12
How to use float.h macros to enhance the floating point precision -0.87
What is the difference between type, value_type and element_type, a... +1.51
Why does `reinterpret_cast` not behave as the C++ standard says? +2.03
Overloaded ostream gives errors when trying to output additional st... +1.31
Why is the second element being printed in map? -2.75
Use pragma to disable a warning if implemented 0.00
pass block instruction as macro's argument in C +1.13
getting a mystic non-class type error (must be simple) 0.00
A linear/logarithmic algorithm to find the minimum element in array... -0.20
C++ 14: How to use variadic template to create an array of values 1... +2.08
Can expression using pointers causing unspecified (not undefined!)... 0.00
std::setfill and std::setw for input streams? -0.08
Lambda state behavior differences between an internal static and a... 0.00
How can I optimise 50+ fields(columns) for many tables? 0.00
Is a data member of a temporary object an xvalue in C++11? 0.00
Why does c++ resolution operator fail to access an ambiguous base? 0.00
Pimpl with unique_ptr : Why do I have to move definition of constru... 0.00
Does TCP support non-printable characters? 0.00
How to properly forward Invocable types -0.58
How to store current system date in structure? 0.00
Allowing both pre-computed and computed-on-the-fly results -1.71
C++ function parameter defined by children 0.00