An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1426.64 (4,408,596th)
12,035 (12,227th)
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Title Δ
Is Result of Lossless compression is really the original data? +2.79
FFT for WAV file and output to draw spectrum +0.11
Google Chart implementation on software system 0.00
How could i Print a block of text in PHP +0.25
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (trie... +0.44
Does all browsers support .svg image format -0.39
What are the image axes in php? 0.00
escaping the dollar sign -0.33
in_array ignores 000 after decimal +0.35
Why the text of a disabled NSButton (or NSButtonCell) is gray? +0.61
Creeping line in Linux -0.41
How do I silence vlc output from bash script completely? -0.36
how to rename all file in a folder with a prefix in a single unix c... -0.53
Problem with php exported xls file in Open Office 0.00
same random number should not generate again and again? 0.00
Simulating ENTER keypress in bash script +0.97
splitting wikipedia dump file into several xml files +0.62
echo o/p from crontab -0.34
Formatting in Fortran 90/95 -0.61
Unix find: list of files from stdin +0.57
vim functions with script scope -1.58
How to convert a php page in to jpeg file and to download -0.74
How do zsh ansi colour codes work? -0.31
Advice on writing to a log file with python +0.07
What is this kind of file used for? -0.39
Convert coordinates to be useable +0.34
Pascal: Incompatible types: got "LONGINT" expected "... 0.00
generating histogram from file -1.24
Why does CodeIgniter force classes to have their first letter capit... -1.50
root account in ubuntu -0.99
Trademarked Brand Name in App Store Description -0.48
Extracting "plaintext" header from HEX file using Perl -0.40
Converting Decimal to Hexadecimal and Octal +0.10
Perl script to extract 2 lines before and after the pattern matching +0.59
In Python, why won't something print without a newline? -1.14
Intersection between a line and a sphere -0.57
get current cpu usage with ruby or cli (NOT live like top) -0.10
Origin for the naming of the for loop 'i' variable +0.44
how to hide .php from address bar +0.64
Extract roads from a google earth image -1.56
About the hardware implementation of register and memory +2.31
More random numbers -0.33
Append general buffer to the end of every line in VI +0.10
MYSQL data files are compressed to gz 0.00
What is a 'make target'? +1.53
what languages are supported in realbasic? +0.24
Game Programming: .DAT file? -0.64
Reducing the file size of a very large images, without changing the... +0.38
Which web browsers give the most incompatability issues? +0.28
Simulink: Possible to form a Pulse Generator with amplitude between... +0.60