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Jon Cage

1450.36 (4,532,551st)
22,087 (5,994th)
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Title Δ
How do I get PyTest to find my tests in Github? 0.00
Why does PyInstaller fail to package eventlet? 0.00
Why does my python package list its version as 5.0.6? 0.00
Modbus master&slave simulator 0.00
Why does my aging Django 1.3.1 site say ''TemplateDoesNotEx... 0.00
How can I boost::bind to a member of a managed class which passes a... 0.00
Why does Flask SocketIO refuse to stay connected? 0.00
How do I stream data through a flask application? 0.00
Conditionally define, during runtime, which of 3 classes will be us... -0.70
How do I reliably scale matplotlib pcolormesh plots for large data... 0.00
Function works without deleting the dynamic array. Program works an... +0.41
How do I programmatically simulate resolving a merge conflict with... 0.00
Can't create / add a new branch to a git repo with gitpython 0.00
Why does argparse fail to recognise an argument when a Python scrip... -1.57
How do I fix "IntelliSense: PCH warning:" 0.00
C++/CLI I need to improve code 0.00
Working directory of nunit tests in Visual Studio Test Explorer 0.00
Why would a Visual Studio project always need to be rebuilt? 0.00
What situations provoke a .net 2.0 String constructor to throw an e... -0.76
c++ opencv get encoded webcam stream +0.07
How do I capture MouseWheel events in a UserControl? 0.00
How do I install pandas for Python 3.4 in Windows? -2.00
How do I install pandas for Python 3.4 in Windows? +2.00
How do I install the Python psutil library on a Windows XP machine... 0.00
c++ vector of non-pointers -0.94
Flipping images from left to right and from top to bottom 0.00
Why might visual studio 2013 not allow me to create new C++ CLR cla... 0.00
Is there any way to tell a Visual Studio post build event where the... 0.00
Why does the LibSSH2 ssh2_exec example crash? 0.00
Why is mapping window coordinates to a sphere difficult when the Op... +2.41
Why can't I move my generic constructor into a .cpp file? 0.00
Python: Return function won’t return a list -0.95
How to let a multi-processing python application quit cleanly -0.43
Why has google maps "q" parameter stopped working? 0.00
What ports does a 'System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient' need with 'SmtpClien... +0.02
How can I programmatically identify whether MS Chart Controls for .... 0.00
How can I 'touch' a remote file over FTP? 0.00
What's the cleanest way to allow a user to specify a range of date... 0.00
How do I convert from a cli::array<unsigned char> to a String? 0.00
How can I include '<' in Doxygen comments? -0.46
How do I stop Visual Studio from failing to build when projects inc... +0.07
How can I avoid timing inconsistences in a custom timer when the da... -1.07
Looking for a good shape class design for the use of elementary phy... +2.47
How do I convert from a bugzilla repository to redmine? 0.00
How do I yield results from a nested Python generator function? -0.19
What does multiprocessing.Process.__init__(self) do? +0.39
Python OpenCV stereo cam blind one? 0.00
Most efficient way to write to the console? +0.55
How to "guess" which libraries are missing? 0.00
Pipe output from shell command to a python script +0.57