An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1517.20 (38,284th)
138,465 (433rd)
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Title Δ
Copying a string into an empty string without using a lib function +1.36
Linking Go with Windows shared library -0.02
why (var) is considered as lvalue? -1.38
How to deal with template const and non-const parameters? +2.41
How do i export c++ method symbol and exec from shell´╝č +0.48
How does a 64-bit computer change one byte in memory? +0.44
Multilevel tiling for cache sensitive matrix multiplication -0.02
Basics of MD5: How to know hash bit length and symmetry? 0.00
What is the motivation to decline C rule "a conditional expres... -1.70
Pass a function as a parameter. C++ -0.55
Change Perlin noise algorithm to work with continuous procedural ge... 0.00
How to configure systemd *.service using XML file configuration 0.00
Operator () is time consuming (profiling in C++) 0.00
Is there any possible way of including if else condiotion in struct? 0.00
Depth error due to triangulation in stereo systems 0.00
How do I set a variable to the output of two commands in Bash 0.00
Applying std::min_element only on elments that satisfy a condition -0.32
Applying std::min_element only on elments that satisfy a condition -1.88
Any suggestion on getting the Windows IP address of a machine in C+... 0.00
How does the executable exe created by QT creator take debug info 0.00
Can not read the string variable in linked list -0.60
Can aliasing info simplify this assembly 0.00
C++, Pass by Pointers 0.00
Why is the size of a template 1 Byte in C++? 0.00
Caching for complex comparison functions with STL algorithms? -1.87
util-linux/lsblk :: how to use api/include 0.00
Why did I start getting 'max': identifier not found error i... +2.34
Visual basic WPF load ATL C++ dll program exit when return String t... 0.00
How to display names and IP addresses of devices connected to a net... 0.00
Using .NET dll via QT 0.00
Using int as void pointer in C++ -1.24
How use signature pattern for hooking 0.00
C++ make new thread function with default parameter +0.47
Cannot get name of running processes in windows 0.00
Why multithreading in c++ DLL get error C3867 when building? -0.05
c_str() method not recognised on my string -0.79
C++ Floating Point Addition (from scratch): Negative results cannot... +1.52
C++ sending reference? +0.13
Accessing Linux environment variables without assigned value -0.73
Is there a way to choose a random button using nana library? 0.00
Why there is still a inline specifier when member fuctions define i... 0.00
Here in line 81 there is an error that I need to remove by making c... -1.72
Is there a way to save raw binary data from a registry call to a st... 0.00
Default Initialization of a Union within a Class 0.00
'nmake' is not recognized as an internal or external command 0.00
how to access an object before inserting in a BST 0.00
How to check whether a function pointer returns bool +0.06
Replacing GREP and AWK in Windows for Powershell 0.00
How to add to variable using SSE2? 0.00
Why constexpr should be static? 0.00