An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Mr. Alien

1726.51 (69th)
123,129 (524th)
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Title Δ
Set background color to trasparent CSS 0.00
Change element display property by hovering its sibling 0.00
The background of the parent does not transition (slide) 0.00
Difference of setting the font-size on the div vs h1 0.00
Way to understand this code. How is it working? +1.26
Write to file without callback Node js -0.60
reversing the order of all elements -1.91
Is it possible to have text flow from one container to another? 0.00
How to animate individual list items? 0.00
Style siblings of visited 0.00
Child of any element under class +0.21
Conditional class based on text inside of div tag -0.13
Defining defaultProps in React 0.00
Check if style="height: 0px" -0.04
CSS Remove Parent Class On Child -0.28
:read-only selector not working on select tag? +1.22
Set a visit count down using cookies 0.00
How to pull master branch in a specific passed date 0.00
es6 spread operator not combining keyed objects 0.00
Difference between using X.push(?) or X[index] =? -0.41
JSX: How to load dynamic .json? 0.00
how to stop displaying textarea if the previous text area is empty? +0.19
CSS - Combine text shadow with a text outline? -0.64
Retrying failed attempts with NodeJS/ES6 +0.21
how can I send a dynamic if for redirect_to in rails 0.00
css: inset shadow around of an arrow 0.00
Css, keep rotate position after animation +0.24
Google App Engine connection.session() error -1.32
Add multiple README on GitHub repo 0.00
How to make a quick push ignoring unfinished work? +0.19
How do I combine and conditions? +0.21
Triggering all events together -1.80
Get text from DOM excluding script tags +0.76
Fastest way to delete a range of elements -0.44
How to concatenate Sass variables 0.00
Click-through pseudoelement 0.00
Why is this CSS input border showing? 0.00
How do I capture when a user presses CTRL + S? -0.77
Variable Resets to 0 every refresh +0.37
How does gitignore work? +0.21
Use variable as key to parse json 0.00
Pseudo selector :last-child not working +0.21
jQuery - hasClass issue +1.57
Why is block level element contained inside inline-block level elem... 0.00
How to select adjacent table in this CSS case? +0.56
Google's Open Sans font weight 0.00
Moving div dynamically with CSS -1.82
Scss how to integrate the vendor prefixes for the calc function 0.00
Combine two json sections into one json object +0.88
ReactJS - Unexpected token '.' error -0.30