An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Mr. Alien

1725.28 (74th)
123,129 (524th)
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Title Δ
How to upsert a Hashmap into MongoDB Document? 0.00
What does the `#` symbol do in JavaScript? -0.88
JS init:function() vs calling function 0.00
Document.querySelector returns a NULL value - script is at bottom o... -0.56
Set background color to trasparent CSS +0.21
Change element display property by hovering its sibling 0.00
The background of the parent does not transition (slide) 0.00
Difference of setting the font-size on the div vs h1 0.00
Way to understand this code. How is it working? +1.26
Write to file without callback Node js -0.60
reversing the order of all elements -1.91
Is it possible to have text flow from one container to another? 0.00
How to animate individual list items? 0.00
Style siblings of visited 0.00
Child of any element under class +0.21
Conditional class based on text inside of div tag -0.13
Defining defaultProps in React 0.00
Check if style="height: 0px" -0.04
CSS Remove Parent Class On Child -0.28
:read-only selector not working on select tag? +1.22
Set a visit count down using cookies 0.00
How to pull master branch in a specific passed date 0.00
es6 spread operator not combining keyed objects 0.00
Difference between using X.push(?) or X[index] =? -0.41
JSX: How to load dynamic .json? 0.00
how to stop displaying textarea if the previous text area is empty? +0.19
CSS - Combine text shadow with a text outline? -0.64
Retrying failed attempts with NodeJS/ES6 +0.21
how can I send a dynamic if for redirect_to in rails 0.00
css: inset shadow around of an arrow 0.00
Css, keep rotate position after animation +0.24
Google App Engine connection.session() error -1.32
Add multiple README on GitHub repo 0.00
How to make a quick push ignoring unfinished work? +0.19
How do I combine and conditions? +0.21
Triggering all events together -1.80
Get text from DOM excluding script tags +0.76
Fastest way to delete a range of elements -0.44
How to concatenate Sass variables 0.00
Click-through pseudoelement 0.00
Why is this CSS input border showing? 0.00
How do I capture when a user presses CTRL + S? -0.77
Variable Resets to 0 every refresh +0.37
How does gitignore work? +0.21
Use variable as key to parse json 0.00
Pseudo selector :last-child not working +0.21
jQuery - hasClass issue +1.57
Why is block level element contained inside inline-block level elem... 0.00
How to select adjacent table in this CSS case? +0.56
Google's Open Sans font weight 0.00