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Gunther Piez

1517.64 (37,188th)
25,109 (5,101st)
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Title Δ
Which AVX registers should I use to avoid 3-byte VEX prefixes? -0.03
GCC - How to enable SSSE3 intrinsics but disable their use in compi... -1.83
gcc doesn't want to use AVX on mac 0.00
Intel x86 0x2E/0x3E Prefix Branch Prediction actually used? -0.57
Android NDK: Error: must be enabled with the -std=c++11 or -std=gnu... 0.00
mfpmath option to MinGW (or even gcc) 0.00
Are there unsigned equivalents of the x87 FILD and SSE CVTSI2SD ins... +1.12
Why is my int 0? -0.95
Eclipse CDT parser support for C++11? 0.00
Why movlps and movhps SSE instructions are faster than movups for t... +0.47
Android NDK refer to external libraries in JNI -0.10
android SharedPreferences putStringSet order/sort -1.47
How to optimize load and stores? -0.43
Computing x^y with GCC vector intrinsics 0.00
QThread:How to use protected static functions -1.49
Trouble integrating valgrind to eclipse 0.00
vector shift using pointers +1.37
ndk-build with sqlite library error -0.53
Cannot create children for a parent that is in a different thread (... -0.04
Looking for a better compression technique -0.12
Getting most significant byte of qint64 -1.34
Expansion of two-dimensional array in c++ 11 -0.28
Why does gcc4 not unroll this loop? 0.00
Project Euler #388 0.00
AMD xop check support -0.32
What is the expected speedup from the use of SSSE3 on an Intel mach... -1.52
Can't link static lib for android NDK, cygwin gcc -0.03
gcc intrinsic for extended division/multiplication 0.00
Why bother with comparison sorts? +0.21
Variant of N-Queens algorithm +1.99
C++11 std::threads vs posix threads +1.12
Unresolved __builtin_ia32_stmxcsr -1.45
How do I extract 32 x 4 bit from 16 x 8 bit __m128i value 0.00
Compiling error when -std=gnu99 and inline function is used +0.94
Get member of __m128 by index? +0.51
Can branch predictors predict perfectly when the number of loop ite... 0.00
Resolving symbol name in Shared library (Linux) 0.00
How to avoid lots of if-else statements in a parser -0.54
How to call a c++ member function from gcc inline arm7 assembly +0.54
assembly / __asm inlining +1.36
How to convert an unsigned integer to floating-point in x86 (32-bit... -2.15
Is the EBP register (base frame pointer) only for Debugging in x86? +1.75
header files for SIMD intrinsics -1.47
about the integer format conversions 0.00
Beginning to look at lower level stuff, possibly simply error I don... 0.00
What does this code do? Delphi asm +0.47
SSE: Difference between _mm_load/store vs. using direct pointer acc... -1.54
CPU TSC fetch operation especially in multicore-multi-processor env... +0.09
x86_64: Is it possible to "in-line substitute" PLT/GOT re... 0.00
Explanation wanted: log10 faster than log and log2, but only with O... +0.43