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Matthias Benkard

1577.42 (3,180th)
14,003 (10,187th)
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Title Δ
Is it safe to pass 'arguments' to 'apply()' -0.01
how can I use something like std::vector<std::mutex> +0.69
Clojure macro that doesn't need space next to it +1.90
Why does the predicate naming convention differ between different f... 0.00
def'ine a value with a dynamic name -2.14
In Common Lisp why does the macro OR use a gensym, but not AND? -1.41
How to write comma character in a SLIME EMACS window +0.42
How to start programming with SLIME and Steel Bank Common Lisp on W... +0.39
Why is static scoping often considered better than, dynamic one? -0.16
Can I background a running thread in the Slime (Swank Emacs) -1.35
Clojure: multimethods vs protocols +0.88
Emitting XML from Clojure using -0.86
SLIME compilation failing with only warnings 0.00
check if string are just letters (no symbols and numbers) lisp 0.00
"Hot swapping" code with swank clojure, and crash resilie... +1.83
Two nested for of for and map? +0.46
How to print blank character in the Lisp format function? -0.17
Implementing a functional/persistent dictionary data structure 0.00
Macro to simplify recursive function syntax +0.37
Scheme : precision of decimal numbers +0.67
Web service with Lisp +0.39
Get two elements from a sequence each time +0.65
Neater way of prying a DECLARE from a &body -1.56
Standard name for (filter p xs, filter (not.p) xs) +0.63
What is the purpose of OCaml's Lazy.lazy_from_val? -0.55
In Clojure, difference between function, quoted function and sharp-... 0.00
How would I implement functionality similar to Rails' url_for with... +1.23
How to distinguish html vs xhr/xml/json requests in Compojure/Ring? -1.70
Why do I get negative numbers in this Haskell program? -0.58
create racket accumulator "variable" -0.33
How to check if a symbol is a procedure or not -0.61
Load another lisp file from a relative path in SBCL using CUSP (Ecl... +1.19
Common Lisp type declarations not working as expected +1.38
How do I ask the Lisp compiler to ignore a (label-variety) function? 0.00
Correct way of parsing S-expressions in OOP +0.26
What are the practical differences between special forms and macros? -0.13
LISP disposing of pesky NILs -0.37
Making a list of unbound variables (LISP) -2.24
Get minimum num recursively from a list -0.09
How do I do LISP (apply) in Dart? 0.00
Printing UTF-8 text in slime REPL 0.00
Error remains once I got it while using swank-clojure 0.00
Symmetric 2 Dimensional Array -1.63
Data format safety in clojure +1.80
Convert function to another form inside macro -0.95
A syntax for emulating Java property files, which is readable by bo... +0.06
Clojure recursion and a lazy sequence +0.40
How to read utf-8 string by usocket -0.60
Clojure warning: "resultset-seq already exists in clojure.core... +0.41
Andmap\ormap - chez scheme +0.36