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yuri kilochek

1549.30 (7,973rd)
8,474 (18,431st)
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Title Δ
What kind of value does a pointer hold after using it to explicitly... 0.00
How to stop having a white square when using a sprite vector with S... 0.00
Simplest way to assign std::span to std::vector 0.00
Why do we use asymptotic notations (thus ignoring coefficients) whe... 0.00
GLSL Vulkan compute shader to efficiently prune zeros from a shared... 0.00
Very simple structure allignment dilemma c/c++ 0.00
Python - What is the right way to run functions in asyncio? 0.00
How do you make the use of std::variants more "palatable"... +1.75
Any case of std::promise that can't be replaced by a single thr... +1.98
Does Rust automatically wrap all data returned from a function in a... +2.15
Move std::array to an other std::array -0.54
Use std::atomic in lambda expression 0.00
C++ Concepts - Can I have a constraint requiring a function be pres... +2.82
C++ event like driven example 0.00
std::tuple sizeof, is it a missed optimization? -0.07
Spliting component in Entity-Component-System demands too much refa... 0.00
Is nodejs representing Reactor or Proactor design pattern? -1.78
Pythonic way to assign 3rd Dimension of Numpy array to 1D Array 0.00
What is the difference between the 2 versions of std::enable_if -1.90
is typedef type of derived type considered as derived type of a typ... -1.70
determine if a std::shared_ptr is the unique reference to an object 0.00
Count the number of arguments in a lambda +1.18
How the destructor is called for heap object without delete operator? +1.82
how to define a certain value to equal to constant just for the fir... -0.17
Improving drawing object in OpenGL (currently super slow) -0.23
Filling `std::optional<T>` via API taking output `T*` parameter +2.08
boost::any_cast throw with program options c++ 0.00
Boost asio, async_read and acync_write not calling callbacks +0.50
Function that takes one explicit type -1.73
return value of post-increment 0.00
How can a class member be left unconstructed for later construction... +1.87
Why make_nvp needs non-const reference? -0.53
ray tracing giving me distorted images when the aspect ratio is not 1 0.00
Writing uin32_t to asio::streambuf +1.81
How to define a tuple of randint without repeating code? -0.07
boost::program_options validation per argument instead of per argum... -2.15
Determine if any two strings in a list start with the same characte... +0.34
Are const and & ignored in std::function? +1.96
How do I get rid of the red line in my OpenGL circle -2.05
Does Python have an equivalent to (expression) ? option-1 : option-... 0.00
C++: boost ptree remove children: no matching function -0.07
different output when I use lambda which return lambda too in c++? 0.00
Capturing a thread_local variable by reference in lambda does not w... -1.36
Wrapper for template callback? +1.13
How does std :: current_exception work? 0.00
Why I am advised to use pointer in Quick Sort? 0.00
Why new operator hangs my program? 0.00
Invoking member functions using variadic templates -1.18
Deleting dynamically sized array from function 0.00
How does a function call give a compile-time type? 0.00