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Praveen M

1517.12 (35,755th)
51 (963,286th)
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Title Δ
Add images in WinForm to ListView throw OutOfMemory 0.00
How to run task schedular program from WPF start button with sendin... 0.00
extend class in c# with properties 0.00
Does it make sense to write addition test for a method if it is alr... 0.00
I'm lost at how to configure my code so that , when i click the... 0.00
Access Custom Class Variables in a ViewModel through binding 0.00
Setting a List to another List in C# 0.00
Instantiate any one of several derived classes (depending on an arg... 0.00
Do I need to store a class in a variable to access it's non sta... 0.00
How to create a new object in the unit tests project? 0.00
Process.start works from VS but no window on published executable 0.00
Windows Service Logging 0.00
Add fill listbox at runtime in windows form application c# -4.26
How i can get user desktop path from windows services? -0.25
How to set Data or Communicate with Property in UserControl As New... 0.00
How do I filter nested objects using linq without foreach? +3.82
c# mvvm databind for multiple click events not working -0.06
Best way to access settings from parent class in child class +4.16
Changing long date format in C# +3.89
how to add multiple names spaces and Classes within those for one s... 0.00
Form 2 textbox displays in form 1 listbox +3.90
Getting the selected value from a combobox populated from a data ba... 0.00
WPF Textbox flickering 0.00
UI component does not exist in current context when code moved to c... 0.00
Avoiding thread.sleep in code while unit testing with Moq -0.07
Get the Selected ListBox item MVVM +0.53
Kill windows service forcefully in WIX +4.27
Where is the object that the "this" keyword is a referenc... 0.00
In a unit test how to make sure you test what you wish to test? -0.03
C# combobox does not display correctly inside splitcontainer 0.00
A Constructor to replace the default constructor? +3.94
C#: Fill DataGridView with List of Class Objects 0.00
C#, how make a if loop statement for windows version like windows 8... -0.05
C# Windows Form formclosing error +0.21
Error when adding items to listbox on many threads -3.40
C# how do i number listbox items 0.00
Combobox doesn't change value +0.50