An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1528.48 (19,984th)
8,642 (18,093rd)
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Title Δ
bignumber.js@^9.0.1, which was used for Dapp over AWS S3, causes an... 0.00
Why my Out-File does not write output into the file -0.55
How to use JavaScript libraries on QML +1.94
Replace a specific symbol in the end of yyyy-MM-dd pattern using re... -0.90
How to split string by space only in middle of string using JS -0.28
Canvas Rectangle & Ball Collision Not working 0.00
Javascript add a break line after every other number from array -0.93
Dot at start and end using regex +0.45
JavaScript regular expression split by space only in certain context -1.28
Float Regex format for a 2 decimal place number between 0 and 100 -1.89
regular expression for password with few rules -2.16
JavaScript Truncate String at the Last NewLine Character 0.00
How to generate a random 6 digit passphrase in node.js using random... 0.00
Python regular expression (regex) match comma separated number - wh... +0.92
Separated regex and jQuery, prevent repeated characters +0.46
preg_replace is not replacing the content of string +1.10
validation of a project file using regex +0.43
How to check number of different characters using regex? 0.00
Matching a required string and assigning a portion to regex groupin... 0.00
Perl - Regex to extract only the comma-separated strings +0.44
How to define pattern and allow pattern to repeat only when pattern... -0.96
Regular expression Getting HTML Doctype +1.22
Regular Expression to restrict input field with atmost two decimal... -0.27
Python validation mobile number +1.23
onblur, only work once in jquery and javascript -2.22
Performance issues in Regular Expression -0.71
How to convert a string from one pattern to another using regex? -0.04
PCRE regex multi-line match help needed -0.11
Build a dictionary from a string using regex -0.08
java regex, split on comma only if not in quotes or brackets -0.98
PHP regex split text to insert HTML +1.07
why Linq Query with Regex statement get locked 0.00
PHP regexp remove tags between [] marquers +1.96
regex for matching finite-depth nested strings -- slow, crashy beha... -0.38
Regex replace doesn't replace all occurrences +0.28
MQTT topics and uniqueness issue -0.07
Regex to find alphanumeric patterns in a string +2.89
Find string but exclude if it is part of another string 0.00
Using Regex to find everything between the center tags +0.46
replaceAll boundaries and exceptions -1.21
Parsing comments and strings in source code 0.00
Java regex groups with .* vs normal regex -0.30
Python: use .search method to extract everything between 2 words wh... 0.00
Regex to disallow extended ASCII characters 0.00
Regex to find sentence containing specific word (java) from paragraph +0.64
OR condition in Regex +1.14
JDE/Julian Time: How to format julian time stamp number -0.25
A regex to extract xml tags including xml tags that might have CDAT... +1.10
Visual studio find & replace with regex, replace space with und... +0.78
Regular expression to include all characters except a particular word -0.93