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1547.30 (8,613th)
3,602 (46,519th)
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Title Δ
Is there a way to create and reuse aspect sets in Ada (specifically... 0.00
Are Ada Tasks supported on RISC-V FE310-G002? -0.07
How do you exit from the main procedure with an errorcode in Ada? +0.43
ADA - pre and post conditions not working? 0.00
Ada - gnatdoc issue with processing subunits 0.00
How to start a singleton task in an ada package +0.21
How do I make gnattest only consider code in my src dir? +0.43
Does a "for XXX use" clause make any sense for a null rec... 0.00
Ada - compiler warning about "mod 64" type definition -0.04
Skipping calculation of somes primes when asking lot of primes -1.88
Ada - one dimensional array operations -0.54
gnatmake -o flag produces incorrect object file name -1.21
Boolean size in Ada +1.03
Extracting record from big endian data +0.00
How to get current date? -0.05
What does generic type X is (<>); mean? 0.00
Change gps behaviour on build target compile file 0.00
How to call a task many times in Ada +3.57
Determine required Ada source files for project build 0.00
Segmentation Fault during runtime elaboration: Ada -2.49
Where are Default Parameters evaluated in Ada? +3.43
Why are if expressions and if statements in ada, also for case +3.57
Ada - Can't find library info for "check_positive.adb" 0.00
Array of array of records -0.57
Simple ada program producing erroneous blank lines using get_line()... +3.58
What style checking does -gnatyo actually perform? 0.00
How to exclude with GPRbuild some functions? +0.91
How do you implement Generic_Sorting in Ada for a vector? 0.00
In Adacore's GPR file, how can I set the compiler to exclude fi... +4.94
Array(Array'First) "array index check might fail" +3.58
How do you initialize an array with only one element, without hardc... +1.68
How do you add a second test for a function when using GNAT test? 0.00
Ada Source code modifications using ASIS(Ada Semantics interface sp... -1.17
Workaround "dynamic interface conversion not supported by conf... 0.00
Ada - Subtype mark required in this context 0.00
Enabling "--enable-stdcall-fixup" flag with gnatmake? 0.00
Constant appearing inline in .text instead of loading from memory -0.97
Ada: Task type as task mark in its own body 0.00
trying to implement insertion sort on a simply linked list, in Ada 0.00
PROGRAM_ERROR raised by controlled types, hard to pinpoint where it... +4.35
Comparing Tagged Types 0.00
'Access attribute not allowed in generic body with external pac... +3.76
Checking for Null Pointer in Ada +3.80
Why might non-obvious "with" statements in the Ada Main F... -1.61
Unable to pass box widget using callback handler in Gtkada 0.00
Counting new lines in Ada 0.00
Ada: package linking error 0.00
What advantage does the end if statement in Ada provide over other... +4.05
Setting the --create-missing-dirs option in a gprbuild file -2.96
Spec not allow body (remove in gpr file) without touching source fi... -1.67