An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Alex Kalicki

1458.48 (4,529,523rd)
1,500 (109,052nd)
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Title Δ
Using JQuery to grab a file name -0.01
Char array size when using certain library functions 0.00
Javascript Loop for show/hide DIVs 0.00
How to fix an arrayList? -1.16
"javac: file not found:" when compiling file on Mac -0.42
shared header & footer in HTML layout 0.00
PHP forms & foreach 0.00
Tie live changes to element CSS as it is changed? 0.00
Only allow a link to be clickable if checkbox is selected +2.98
getElementByName returns Type Error? -3.06
Checking if an Object in Array is Another Array +0.49
Redirect Script PHP +0.38
Java - Format DateTime taking TimeZone into account 0.00
Play a sound on page load using JavaScript -3.57
inserts 'Array' into mysql table +3.71
Slider for pricing jquery 0.00
Why is creating an object inside an argument without naming the obj... +4.46
Fade in and then out using jquery -1.50
Replacing text in regex -0.81
Looping within a regular expression +1.09
custom substr php -3.95
PHP, Convert any number to float 0.x +4.58
What is the complexity of this code? -3.68
Single statement query +3.00
Javascript store <select> dropdown values within array -3.40
Good coding practice with PHP and HTML +0.52
Return value when searching for key in array PHP -3.77
Extend a div horizontally into a container -1.55
store objects in an array during foreach? -3.29
IIS7 URL Rewrite with Regex +0.54
PHP regex for @[mention] -2.73
C# Regex to remove single quotes between single quotes +1.57
Query two tables for different/separate values -3.71
List auxiliary windows -3.73
PHP: How to get only the current folder of a website -1.81
getelementbyid and tagname and classname -2.30
How to change the width and height of an html file using java -0.72
How to dynamically add text fields to a form based on a number the... +3.88
Jquery remove everything except for bolded +4.51
CSS select hidden elements -1.66
Introducing text and displaying block versus inline -3.91
How to make an arbitrary number of variables (Java) -1.73
Attach an handler to the click event on a 'a' tag is firing even if... -0.73
Matching several different email address formats in Javascript +4.53
Grouping vertical bar-delimited options in a RegEx WITHOUT parenthe... 0.00
How to get array values between 2 keys and put into string -2.21
Regex to split a string using a character preceded by a particular... +0.09
Appending subarray of multidimensional array to PHP associative array +4.29
string splitting and truncating with different formatting of incomi... +0.23
Sending both the value and key of an option box as parameters? -0.55