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T.J. Crowder

1755.35 (30th)
402,111 (15th)
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Title Δ
Invalid argument to operation ++/-- in ArrayList +0.19
How immutable String value is getting changed without throwing comp... 0.00
Javascript - Local object variable not conserved between promise an... -0.81
getJSON method returns 'undefined' in jquery 0.00
Javascript equivalent for java.lang.Character.getNumericValue(char... 0.00
req value is undefinded in node js and pug 0.00
Is it possible to have Getter/Setter in an Array? +1.39
I want to have a list of 100 students with attributes. How can I ha... -1.08
get value of an input if Enter is pressed - from an external function -0.59
How to execute clipboard copy, window opening, event handler, and s... 0.00
How to get a string of max date from an array of string dates? -2.65
How to exit from node script after a asynchronous operations comple... +0.18
Different output when passing string by props and using a const value 0.00
VanillaJS Promise implementation to replace jQuery notify/progress... -0.81
Array of objects check if it includes key value pair; on which posi... +0.45
Mongoose promises documentation says queries are not promises? -0.50
File read never completes 0.00
Promise.all.then Not all code paths return a value -1.19
Node.JS returns a 404 on interrogation of an endpoint that actually... 0.00
Why does a second reference to a promise not resolve in Promise.all? -2.62
Loading node into js file 0.00
Submit event of a submit type input isn't triggered 0.00
Importing old javascript with namespace from ES6 +0.81
Is there a way to capture failed EMails using MailApp? 0.00
Using assignment operator inside of expression 0.00
Decorators for functions +1.48
Return an object with a "then" function within "Prom... 0.00
How does work function returning another function that taking anoth... -0.65
Why can't I call values that inside of an object? -1.35
Calling a javascript function with parameters in a for loop: is the... +0.18
How to create a clickable span between the text in a div with Javas... +0.74
JS How to create a function that count the number of hashtags +1.13
How to dynamically determine the actual type of a literal of Object... +1.10
Add months to a date is not working in JavaScript +0.18
How to use const in switch statement and another function? 0.00
How do i add a maximum and minimum to a variable in jQuery 0.00
Java - Do the function receives the parameter internally when using... +1.12
What is Simpler Way to Write Code That Sums Up Length of Strings in... +0.87
ajax response and html not working properly 0.00
How to catch escape key press event inside while loop in jquery? -0.79
Will it "update" when it "break" from the inner... +0.20
Why Spread syntax throwing error in nodejs 0.00
How to eval string function and return value in javascript? 0.00
How to insert an element in a array of ReactJS component objects (b... +0.19
Object.prototypes builtins directly rules 0.00
Typescript: conditional typecheck with instanceof not working as ex... 0.00
How to return the users age from their year of birth +0.19
Pass an instance of the subclass to a method and use it later withi... 0.00
Need Example of Poor Encapsulation +0.19
How to check that the object isn't the last and how to handle i... 0.00