An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

T.J. Crowder

1728.92 (65th)
692,626 (10th)
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Title Δ
Search in a two dimensional array and return the array list as a ar... 0.00
What regex can I use to find two dashes? ie. -- +1.51
Split String in +0.38
How to identify a class and an interface in the Java code? +1.14
Can headers be sent in an AJAX request? +1.65
Convert javascript to date object to mysql date format (YYYY-MM-DD) +0.39
How can I allow text to wrap inside a word if necessary? +0.36
Why are SQL fieldnames sometimes spelled like `this`? 0.00
javascript regex multiple queries +1.88
Interpretation of int (*a)[3] -0.84
Retaining values in a GET request +1.14
mysql create view only if it doesn't already exist +2.03
Web application development - options +0.24
How can I create a unique 7-digit code for an entity? -0.43
What's the principle inside this? +1.77
Help to porting function prototype -> jquery 1.4 0.00
string manipulation -2.48
Location to put user configuration files in windows +1.68
remove class from current group -0.09
Should we remove tests that are too simple to break during TDD +0.22
Javascript Alert box not displaying on Firefox 0.00
confusion in CLASSPATH and PATH +0.42
Question about loops and continue +0.74
Expanding arbitrary variable to a drive, path etc. in a DOS batch 0.00
Is it necessary to wrap <strong>, <em>, <b>, <... -0.93
Javascript; communication between tabs/windows with same origin -0.30
How to declare a javascript class with short function names and ass... +1.65
How I can access resources of local filesystem and manipulate them... 0.00
copyright free collection of resource images for Delphi menu items... +0.56
Is this port of Prototype to JQuery correct? -1.56
Use Javascript to load some images last +0.71
When to use Object[] and List<Object> -1.05
Is it problematic to assign a new value to a method parameter? +0.30
Designing a language with Checked Exceptions -0.07
what is an effective way to protect mp3 files from download? +0.85
Binary to character matrix help +1.28
Why does C give me a different answer than my calculator? -0.84
How can it possible that after implementing Runnable interface in j... -2.34
How can I enhance the functionality of a page whose source I should... +0.41
Making sure googlebot is not spamming my mailbox +0.22
Memory allocation in Java 0.00
IE6 version using ieframe.dll 0.00
Fix JQuery-1.4.1 and json-2.0 conflict in json.parse regex conflict... +1.10
Send \n with jquery ajax +0.40
Why doesn't this small HTML/CSS snippet produce the expected result... -1.63
What is the optimum way to display language selection? +0.43
How to decide on document file extension? -1.68
How do I enumerate the keys and values of a Hashtable? +0.43
Two Counts for the for loop? +0.16
Get list of all `input` objects using JavaScript, without accessing... +0.46