An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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T.J. Crowder

1728.92 (65th)
715,763 (10th)
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Title Δ
Is there a way to group `<li>` elements? -1.03
Is this a dangerous locking pattern? -0.59
How to keep a floating div centered on window resize (jQuery/CSS) +0.89
Object does not support this propery or method IE & jQuery +0.34
What is the best possible way to pass a Mulitline String as functio... -0.20
Reading Cookie from a different domain? +1.77
Prepend and Append at the same time -0.70
jQuery finding 'nth-child' value +0.86
left click + hold = add checkbox +0.35
Testing whether an event has happened after a period of time in jQu... 0.00
How to select every node that holds the same ID +0.35
jquery click event +0.75
Javascript Namespace Help +1.59
Are defining many JQuery event handlers "expensive?" Inte... +0.36
What's the differenct between passing a function and the function c... +0.69
Javascript instanceof & typeof in GWT (JSNI) +1.61
Sorting an object? +0.34
Passing arguments to a function? 0.00
How to swap HTML elements in javascript? +0.99
How do I get the current time zone of MySQL? +2.02
Global mouseMove -1.03
Embedding other system and overriding it links +0.34
why does ie8 flash white background for a fraction of a second on r... -0.06
Can I run javascript before the whole page is loaded? +0.32
Javascript Source to textarea value 0.00
Dictionary to Json object, "Expected expression" 0.00
jquery, jsonp and no success +0.36
Javascript - Text Input Attributes -0.93
Accessing local variables after a $.post of datatype "script&q... +0.36
copy an element as HTML to clipboard 0.00
javascript parsing JSON string throwing exception in AJAX workflow 0.00
Best way to layout in HTML forms? +0.94 open the page in a new tab instead of in popup window +0.35
Ajax post failing in asp +1.91
How do I validate that value entered into an input box is just numb... -0.63
Disable button until tabs have been read +0.20
Reverse-engineer a Javascript object? -0.74
Testing for validity +0.97
Switch statement for string matching in JavaScript +1.51
What does this code do -1.57
What is marker interface? +0.14
getting parameter value from a table using javascript +0.36
Calling a Java API from .NET - best approach +0.35
Problem in getting response from server in jquery -1.44
How to set time zone of a java.util.Date? -2.40
Javascript file for single domain +0.01
addEventListener using apply() 0.00
Just a small problem regarding javascript BOM question +1.66
Is there a language with native pass-by-reference/pass-by-name sema... -0.68
Why does Safari not like the .trim() in JQUERY? +1.98