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T.J. Crowder

1749.10 (34th)
402,111 (15th)
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Title Δ
JavaScript function encapsulation outside the object -0.05
What's the difference between "LIKE" and "=" in... +0.01
IE8 forced to compatibility mode -0.51
Refering to arrays of form elements (name="blah[]") +4.08
May I safely treat email addresses lower case? +0.17
How to use our own fonts in web sites, which is compatible with all... +0.31
What Is The Optimal Way To Select Rows From Last 7 Days? +3.42
Ways to standardize logging in a large Java application +0.03
How does Javascript's sort() work? -1.84
How is π calculated within sas? -3.93
Change cursor type when the mouse gets over some selected text usin... -0.35
Javascript type of custom object +3.02
Javascript inheritance -- objects declared in constructor are share... +3.78
jquery - programmatically submitting form with multiple buttons -0.37
Javascript: How do fix W3 Validation Error caused by & +1.40
mysql now() Incorrect datetime value for column - error code 1292 -4.52
Totally JavaScript Web Stack - Middleware, Webserver, DB suggestions? +3.57
Web TWAIN scanning solution for ASP.Net? +3.41
Why does removeChild() prevent me from doing appendChild() within a... +3.72
Read & display text file in javascript +3.99
How to check whether the file is using/reading or not in JAVA? -2.58
Open in new window link in an iframe -4.31
no quirks mode on php pages? -2.47
Any time you should use relative links for internal pages? -0.03
Is there a correct way to 'yield' in the cooperative threading sens... +3.68
How to declare a method that returns a generic collection of "... -1.49
Does any body know where I can find my ISP SMTP server address for... 0.00
How to override private variable in javascript? -0.38
modeless window to behave like a modal window using javascript 0.00
For loop construction and code complexity -2.09
innerHTML not writing to document +0.99
Javascript Calculate the sum off multiple HTML-input values -1.82
Sending multiple forms at once with Ajax +1.91
getting charconversion exception for " %" value in query... 0.00
How to restore date like "2008-7" in MySQL? +3.54
Large numbers erroneously rounded in Javascript +2.27
WebForms, AJAX and prompt popups elegantly +3.53
Java URL - Passing Arguments - Servlets -1.56
Where do I get a list of javascript functions along with which brow... +1.21
What JavaScript library should I use for parsing URL parameters? +0.04
javascript client side file generation -0.34
How to hide a string in binary code? +1.91
UI Patterns in JavaScript +3.78
What are some real world uses for function.toString() in javascript? -2.01
MessageFormat in javascript (parameters in localized UI strings) -3.99
load a new page when an html's selector changes without javascript +0.83
Java - HashMap vs Map objects +3.62
Can dynamically loaded JavaScript be unloaded? +2.61
Java: Passing Variables across classes -0.14
Jquery: How do i not select a specific column -2.47