An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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T.J. Crowder

1761.63 (27th)
792,841 (10th)
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Title Δ
Why are javascript comments downloaded to the browser? +0.58
Which is better/more efficient: check for bad values or catch Excep... +3.83
Integer overflow problem +1.17
MS-DOS copy from the visual studio external tools 0.00
Find row with maximum value of id in MySQL +4.23
What's the best way to allow the browser to fall back to a link if... -0.59
Javascript not Working on FF -2.71
JDBC + Java Query execution error -0.71
What to do when a new feature causes existing unit tests to become... +1.69
Most efficient way to create a zero filled JavaScript array? +3.98
JQuery, hide not working in Firefox +4.01
Is it possible to preload an HTML page before displaying it? -3.10
Convert milliseconds to seconds in C -3.70
set colspan dynamically with jquery +0.20
How to prevent execution of javascript from a browser's address bar? -2.60
ajax request that returns json array, IE6/7 is caching it and data... +0.22
How to detect if javascript files are loaded +4.17
converting .txt files into unicode -1.79
Can we deny a java object from serialization other than giving tran... +1.50
How do i find out what is slowing down my page load in IE7 -2.10
How do I change an onmouseover event using Javascript? +0.44
ASP Classic - Type mismatch: 'CInt' - Easy question +3.92
Why is it a bad practice to return generated HTML instead of JSON?... +0.17
Maintaining application resource properties -4.02
Prototype add event listener +1.16
What technology (asp, php, joomla, rails, grails...) for a website... -0.78
How to find JavaScript variable by its name 0.00
Is it possible to restore Sql Server 2008 backup in sql server 2005 0.00
How many files can I put in a directory? 0.00
Why are local variables not initialized in Java? 0.00
var functionName = function() {} vs function functionName() {} 0.00
How to inherit constructors? 0.00
Long commands split over multiple lines in Vista/DOS batch (.bat) f... 0.00
How do you lock tables in SQL Server 2005, and should I even do it? 0.00