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Farhad Jabiyev

1623.38 (965th)
19,056 (7,224th)
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Title Δ
Using function's optional argument's default value +0.73
Type int? vs type int -2.09
How can I render content of 1 child from ContentChildren QueryList... 0.00
Can I query all the boolean properties on a C# object at once, look... 0.00
How to solve LINQ to Entity query duplication when the queries only... -0.98
Create class in Action<T> delegate -1.57
Entity framework- EF Code First Select foreign key 0.00
Null Reference exception in FirstOrDefault C# +0.32
mvc 5 controller if function is passing error 0.00
How can convert a List to another List with explicit operator with... 0.00
LINQ Where expression of unknown type +0.66
How to use generic interface as generic constraint? 0.00
Cast class A to class B without generics +1.66
Entity Framework M:1 relationship resulting in primay key duplication 0.00
How to control EF Insert into database? 0.00
Updating relational entities -0.81
C# best way to delete a many collection in EntityFramework 0.00
Redirect in OnActionExecuting not working 0.00
Linq search a list and a linked property +0.79
im trying to find biggest negative number in array c# +1.17
EF: one to one relationship without generate new column using fluen... 0.00
How do I make a select list from a Viewbag item list? 0.00
Get Action Method original name if its decorate with ActionName MVC... 0.00
How to get the items with lowest value using LINQ? +0.69
How transfer to AddBindings() in NinjectDependencyResolver concrete... 0.00
Cannot use LINQ methods on IEnumerable base class from derived class -0.27
check if a date falls in the next 24 hours with c # -2.53
How can generate a sequence number inside a LINQ select? +1.16
How do I get an enum type as string from one of it's values? 0.00
Set field's value in Inherited class from base +0.75
Property with getter only vs. with getter and private setter +1.04
Compare DateTime and date as string 0.00
Intersect between 2 collections in C# -0.97
How to use LINQ select in one column with condition -1.23
The specified type member is not supported in LINQ to Entities. ent... 0.00
Read properties of derived as well as base class -0.87
Associate a list to other class MVC (LINQ?) 0.00
How can i get the colors by product with linq? +2.39
returnUrl always null even when getting the login page 0.00
select multiple objects from list based on values from another list +0.84
MVC EditorFor Optionally ReadOnly -2.74
Convert C# List<int[]> to JavaScript using Razor +1.08
How to check if contents of a List<String> is alphabetical -0.09
The list doesn't change in a method C# +1.48
calling expression on datatable object -1.76
sort an array of structs with multiple criteria c# 0.00
How to work with extra int parameter in LINQ Where() -0.94
Issue with filtering DataTable using LINQ -2.06
Cannot retrieve property from list of objects +0.03
Asp.Net MVC MetaDataType Attribute not working 0.00