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Farhad Jabiyev

1633.66 (775th)
19,056 (7,225th)
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Title Δ
Best practice for many try-catch blocks +1.42
What should be the return type of async method returning nothing 0.00
Parallel.ForEach not adding items as expected in ConcurrentBag in C# +2.02
How do I finnangle the type that linq outputs into the function'... 0.00
Task.Any() Call task twice -0.62
Setting nullable int to zero if value is less than zero +0.81
Using Function logic in LINQ Query net core 3 0.00
Why am I seeing a difference between.Cast<int>() and .Select(... 0.00
C# "if exception is thrown..." -0.22
Where will the variables created by reference space be stored? How... 0.00
C# generics: does compiler creates only one specialized generic typ... 0.00
What is type identity in the context of the C# generic types? 0.00
Is Task.Run or TaskFactory.StartNew always inappropriate to use in... +0.32
Task.Run does not run the methods? 0.00
What is the proper wait to await/async inside of a ForEach? +1.47
How to cast abstract class into type T? +0.50
C# how to specify only a part of types in the generic method? +1.75
Why doesn't it work to use ContinueWith to run task sequentially? +0.37
.net standard library fails in .net core but not in framework 0.00
Running a long task IHosted service at the same time and can manual... 0.00
When should I use navigation properties to query the database? +1.45
Assembly.LoadFrom works, Assembly.Load does not 0.00
Unable to hold generic interface implementations in list c# +0.42
Is there any pattern for executing all the registered implementatio... -0.67
Cancellable Async Web Request 0.00
How to create IServiceCollection from existing one? 0.00
.NET Where to start a RabbitMQ Client connection in a web application +1.27
Using function's optional argument's default value +0.73
Type int? vs type int -2.09
How can I render content of 1 child from ContentChildren QueryList... 0.00
Can I query all the boolean properties on a C# object at once, look... 0.00
How to solve LINQ to Entity query duplication when the queries only... -0.98
Create class in Action<T> delegate -1.57
Entity framework- EF Code First Select foreign key 0.00
Null Reference exception in FirstOrDefault C# +0.32
mvc 5 controller if function is passing error 0.00
How can convert a List to another List with explicit operator with... 0.00
LINQ Where expression of unknown type +0.66
How to use generic interface as generic constraint? 0.00
Cast class A to class B without generics +1.66
Entity Framework M:1 relationship resulting in primay key duplication 0.00
How to control EF Insert into database? 0.00
Updating relational entities -0.81
C# best way to delete a many collection in EntityFramework 0.00
Redirect in OnActionExecuting not working 0.00
Linq search a list and a linked property +0.79
im trying to find biggest negative number in array c# +1.17
EF: one to one relationship without generate new column using fluen... 0.00
How do I make a select list from a Viewbag item list? 0.00
Get Action Method original name if its decorate with ActionName MVC... 0.00