An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1518.24 (34,720th)
1,443 (112,075th)
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Title Δ
JCrop: Rotate and crop static image 0.00
JQuery draggable DIV centered with negative margin... issue -0.21
Deactivate fullPage.js on certain width media query 0.00
C3.js chart.load not loading for x/y axis graph 0.00
How to change tooltip style in jQuery vmap? 0.00
OwlCarousel 2 .goTo event not working 0.00
Footable jQuery plugin missing icons after adding event listener 0.00
jQuery UI Accordion conflicting with slidebars -4.33
Image zoom only works in lightbox after thumbnail is clicked 0.00
Having trouble with onCellSelect setup in jqGrid 0.00
EJS syntax: generate a HTML file with a function whose argument is... 0.00
My jQuery stops working if I load another page -0.35
javascript and css not working in safari and ie 0.00
JQuery Infinite Scroll - "load more" after max page limit... +3.58
How do I make document side script conditional? 0.00
jquery infinite scroll plugin - loading and memory issues 0.00
jQuery masking working with jQuery 1.5 but not https://code.jquery.... -0.59
Ajax WordPress post popup with SimpleModal and jQuery -0.23
angularjs custom filter in ng-repeat 0.00
The min/max-width media query doesn't make grammatical sense -3.84
get and call custom object method 0.00
form.valid() not working in IE with jquery validation plugin 1.11 +0.15
Multiple @page in CSS file 0.00
using $.getJSON to populate jstree gets stuck at loading -2.34
Glassbox.js javascript plugin doesn't work in JQuery -0.16
Make on/off switch work in IE8 using 0.00
How to implement OnColorChange event for jQuery Simple Color Picker? 0.00
Do a function in Embedly 0.00
Modify css using jquery -1.47
Show modal window on page load +3.76
Readonly text input not appearing for single answer 0.00
Inserting image into Elastislide jquery image viewer 0.00
jqgrid - serializeGridData with additional postData params +1.30
Why is my GreaseMonkey function unexpectedly being called multiple... +3.78
HTML form page redirect not working 0.00
jquery custom validation (addMethod) returning false regardless 0.00
jQuery Mobile getting popout to open on page load 0.00
ill-formatted text outputted from the url in $.post 0.00
geolocation with both bing and google because of Internet Explorer 0.00
Maphilight - Need it to Deactivate Highlight On New Mouse Click +3.82
how to save multiple canvas into one image 0.00
jQuery .change() function bind to select doesn't work ( inside Smar... 0.00
Specifying thickness of lines in graphviz 0.00
How to generate report +0.21
jQuery slider script works locally, breaks on server -0.07
Using function inside Handlebars Helper 0.00
jquery hover box for multiple divs created in code behind i... 0.00
Jquery Modal Dialog With Login and Registration -0.22
Fancybox 2 not working with jQuery 1.7.2 +3.79
jQuery cycle plugin multiple function after: option 0.00