An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Parag S. Chandakkar

1469.39 (4,244,995th)
7,260 (21,958th)
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Title Δ
Numpy select matrix specified by a matrix of indices, from multidim... +3.35
Different between fit and evaluate in keras 0.00
What is the meaning of the parameter 'dims' in function Per... 0.00
Keras CNN Model Training time +0.04
what does [:, :, ::-1] mean in python? -0.47
remove redundancies in a list with tuple of three elements -0.48
Duplicate a tensor N times -0.46
Tensorflow U-Net Multiclass Label +0.55
find indices of maximum value in matrix (python) +1.69
How to compute the complexity of machine learning models 0.00
Looking up index of value in numpy 3D arrays -1.25
Constructing a Custom Loss Function in Keras 0.00
Softmax layer and last layer of neural net +0.55
Reshaping error in multivariate normal function with Numpy - Python +0.40
Multiply each channel by different matrix? +0.07
CNN Training in Keras freezes +0.04
extracting ith and ith+1 from random 2D numpy array +0.57
Indexing with string? [Python] -0.21
How to deal with INF values when computting the average of values o... -0.89
numpy.product vs vs +0.18
computing cos similarity of 2 row vectors, not all pairwise cdists 0.00
How to implement Eltwise layer in pyCaffe +0.55
Multilabel classification neural network, any one label +1.99
Summing everything except nan 0.00
Issue with fine-tuning inceptionv3 in slim tensorflow and tf record... 0.00
Removing a sublist from a list that meets a certain condition -0.65
Add row to batch of TensorFlow Tensors 0.00
Convolution Basics 0.00
Python: list variable used in conditional in indexing another list -0.81
One-hot-encoding with missing categories -0.44
How can I know if weights were loaded in Keras Model? 0.00
difference between keras model.evaluate() and model.predict() -1.59
3D matrix Indexing using 2D matrix 0.00
Theano converting from TensorType col to TensorType matrix 0.00
How to implement superpixel pooling layer? 0.00
tf.layers.conv2d: use_bias=False and bias_initializer=None +0.05
Keras - How to share the convolutional part of a CNN with 2 separat... 0.00
How to calculate vector-wise dot product in Keras? -2.00
The functionality of updates in theano.function 0.00
equivalence of categorical_crossentropy function of theano in tenso... +0.06
Using CPU vs GPU to train a model - Speed vs memory -0.46
Writing your own layer 0.00
Sum elements in a channel in caffe 0.00
keras custom conv2d initialization 0.00
Tune input features using backprop in keras -0.46
Small validation accuracy ResNet 50 0.00
Computing cosine_proximity loss between two outputs of the network 0.00
Will custom Lambda layer be included in the backpropagating in Keras 0.00
Will YOLO anyhow perform differently from VGG-16. Will using it for... -0.46
Keras and ImageGenerator outputs black images 0.00