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Alexis C.

1696.91 (158th)
70,406 (1,223rd)
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Title Δ
Using java 8 streams api for nested lookup +1.33
How can I concatenate string elements from list in java8 based on t... +0.96
Java 8 lambda sum, count and group by -2.19
Java - Google GSON syntax error 0.00
how to merge a collection of Maps using streams +1.14
Java 8 type inference error 0.00
Merging multiple maps in Java 8 +1.12
Java Streams toArray with primitives +0.25
Convert file to two dimensional array with java 8 Files.lines stream 0.00
Creating map from list, where key is in part of inner and outer obj... -2.83
Java 8 - Sort list of integers with nulls +1.54
Get the maximum value using stream for Map -2.84
Java 8 Stream Collect Sets +1.17
Java 8 Iterate List inside an list and 0.00
Java 8 Stream/Collectors map key with Collectors.counting() +0.72
Complex aggregation using Java 8 streams 0.00
How to convert List<List<Double>> to List<Double[]&g... 0.00
Java Stream Api strings manipulation +0.24
Java - Stream - Collect every N elements +0.92
Adding a value to terms in a Map +1.40
Java 8 Streams - Map Multiple Object of same type to a list using s... +0.33
Create map from Java stream? +0.24
Java Stream Updating running total 0.00
Java 8. List of objects. Want to keeps distincts based on property... 0.00
Using lambda expressions for summing up member variables? +0.07
Java 8 Stream filtering and grouping by same expensive method call -1.02
Multi-level map using stream() collect() groupingBy() and reducing() 0.00
Java 8 Streams API to filter Map entries 0.00
Finding max occurance of a string - Tie case 0.00
Filter on map of map 0.00
Java8 streams : Transpose map with values as list +1.39
Intersection of stream of sets into new set -2.01
Get a rate by month by applying function after groupingBy with Java... 0.00
java8 convert Map<X,Y> + Map<Y,Z> to Map<X,Z> +0.25
How to use if-else logic in Java 8 stream forEach -0.48
Aggregate List of objects in Java +0.61
Sorting HashMap String values using Java 8 Stream doesn't work +1.50
Get largest Map from an RDD of Array of Maps -1.88
Computing sum and sum-of-squares at the same time with Streams 0.00
java streams - How to filter a collection to two new collections +2.21
Replacing the values of an RDD with another 0.00
Zip sparse sequences 0.00
Java stream filter items of specific index +1.43
Java 8 mapping to sub list entries of a collection using streams an... -0.72
Implementation of having count with group by in java 8 0.00
Stream Filter of 1 list based on another list +0.25
Getting an element from a Scala Seq (list) by property +2.02
Jackson JsonNode and Java Streams to return Optional Empty 0.00
Convert Map<Long, MyObject> to Map<Long, List<MyObject&... -1.54
Scala value is not stored in spark -0.24